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In the days of Alqador, Moras was Queen Mearra's general, and most trusted friend. Skillful, and with a certain eye for the ladies, Moras embodied the Idyllic elf, and was ever-popular. However, since the Scourge, Moras has fallen considerably. Unwiling to admit defeat, or accept the death of his Queen, Moras refused to leave the lands of Ilmanor. Retaining his most trusted men, Moras founded the Eglanni, a group dedicated to the complete removal of the scourge. However, over time Moras' grief drove him mad, and into a deep pit of insanity. Moras also began to blame the Alqans for the death of his queen, not to mention anyone else who he decided had a grievance against him. Tired and wary of the world, yet unwilling to leave until his insatiable thirst for vengence was appeased, Moras began to fade from the world, becoming a Shade. Now, half shadow, Moras rules the Eglanni still, plotting and scheming against all those who have done him wrong. Even the Elves cannot escape his wrath, as they are responsible for leaving him and his kin to fight for themselves. Only Amelis is spared his anger; Moras had always loved her, and even his insanity and fading have not diminished the unrequited love.