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Morlas was once a prince and general of Ardadain. During the First Dark War, he was captured, and tortured. Bitter at being left by his people, Morlas revealed all he knew about the Ardadain army and strategy, as well as providing a detail of the Palace. The Death Queen, ever fond of irony, programmed him to hate the Ardadain, and all they stood for. After years of covert magic, and just a little seduction, Morlas' hatred of the Ardanians was complete. Sword in hand, he returned to the Palace to slay the king and queen, and capture the capital. Welcomed into the palace, Morlas proceeded to the royal chambers, where he quickly slew his mother and father. As he went to slay his sister, however, he realized what he was doing, and sheathed his blade. Kissing her good-bye, he fled from the palace, leaving her to discover the slaughter, and become queen.

Lost and forlorn, he returned to the Black Tower, lying about the attack, and claiming he was routed by the guards. The Death Queen, ever wise, knew the falsehood, and had him tortured. He was released a few years later, even more bitter, and full of self-loathing. He hated the Black Tower, he hated the Ardanians, and he hated himself. In a daze he wondered, slaying all those who got in his way. The Shadowmage, finding the lost prince, manipulated him. With the ring of longevity, he would live long enough to destroy those in the Black Tower, and the Ardanians. Morlas happily accepted, glad to have a new master, and be free from the Yoke of the Queen. Only too late did he realize who the Shadowmage was, and by then the evil of the ring had done its trick. Erasing what morals and concience Morlas had left, the ring turned him into a zombie, with no emotions or aspirations. All Morlas lives for is to serve the Shadowmage, and kill all those who stand in his way. He currently lives in Skullfort, where he serves at the Shadowmage's every whim. He has even attacked Zar-Mian, knowing Mian's desire to take over the Shadowmage's throne. Lifeless and uncaring, the Orcs have taken to calling him 'The Dead.' Morlas' only desire is for retribution; revenge on all those who ever slighted him.