child_m.gif (3208 bytes)e Morte Family

of Drakina

SYMBOL-3 Fleure de lis on a red field.

Heinvel de Morte, Count of Drakina
Heinvel took over the position of his brother, Delmar, after he was killed in the assault on Firnore. Heinvel, the next in line to the County Throne, secured his position by marrying the widowed wife of his brother. Unlike his brother, Heinvel is not loved amongst the populace. He keeps taxes high, and uses them for his lavish life-style. He is very fond of the pleasures in life. In addition, he neglects his people, preferring to keep away from the 'unclean plebs.' Due to his wife's heritage, Heinvel is very close to the Regent, and this position has given him a false sense of importance. Heinvel had a neglected childhood; his parents lavished all their love on Delmar, the eldest. He is making up for his neglect now. He refused to accompany his brother into battle, during the Firnoran assault, and rumour has it he had his mother poisoned when he took thje County Throne.Heinvek wil stop at nothing to achieve his status as most important man in Crebainia.

RACE- High Man
AGE- 42

Geanna Kemmler de Morte
Geanna is the cousin of the Regent of Crebainia, and as such stands high in the nobility. Married off to Delmar at a young age, to bind the two Houses together, Geanna grew to respect her husband (though never truly loving him). However, at Delmar's death, Geanna stood to lose her title as Countess, and return as a minor noble to the Regent's Court. In order to maintain her status, Geanna married her husband's brother, despite criticism from the Regent. Geanna is now much-gossiped about at the Court and rarely visits. Unlike her current husband, Geanna is well liked by the public, who see her as the true ruler of Drakina. She frequently makes public visits, helping aid those who her husband as long neglected. Despite this, she enocurages her husband's cruelty; if the Count is otherthrown, the lands of Drakina will fall solely to her.

RACE- High Woman
AGE- 37

Lord Durinach de Morte
Durinach is the son of Geanna and Delmar. He is very bitter about her remarriage to his uncle, and has forsaken his roots, and left. He is currently residing in a castle in Drakina, where he practices the Black Arts. He discovered the castle when he was just a young child, and the plethora of ancient tomes fascinated him.He spends the days sleeping, and the nights studying, hoping to find some way of removing Heinvel from the throne. Despite his hobby, Durinach is a moral man, and prone to acts of compassion. However, his hatred for his step-father uncle overrides his judgement. Nobody is aware of his current location.

RACE- High Man