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Queen Nibinia is the Queen of the Tilwi, the Sylphs of Edhelnore. Despite her royal upbringing she is neither regal nor particularly well-mannered. As a young girl she went out into the world, as an ‘adventurer.’ Though most of her tales are probably exaggerated, she did indeed become an adventurer, though a small one. Such were her achievements, a bard from Cymuria wrote a song about her entitled ‘Nib the Giant.’ She liked it so much she adopted the name. She was gone from Edhelnore for nigh on 12 years, before being forced to return upon the death of her mother, Queen Pityi.

Nibinia ascended the throne reluctantly. Like all Sylphs she is fun-loving and mischievous, yet Nib hates to be in one place for too long. She often shocks people at the Argani court with her vulgar language, obscenities and obsession with innuendoes. Her Sylph subjects, on the other hand, appreciate her humour and her carefree nature. Sylphs love a risqué joke!