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Ometecutu is the current Machu in charge of the Ixia Clan. As Ixia is the strongest clan, he wields a lot of influence, and is considered the most powerful of all the Pachacaca. Ometecutu is in charge of the grand Ziggurat where Pachunama resides, and is one of the only priest-kings to have ever seen her, and spoken to her directly. He is considered the head of the Pachucaca religion, second only to Mostrassu who rarely interferes.

Ometecutu is cunning and cruel, and only his devotion to Pachunama stops him from trying to seize total power. He is a bully, and even the other Izmec feel his wrath.

Due to defective genes, common in the Izmec, Ometecutu hatched with two heads; it is rumoured that the left head is Ometu, a subject loyal to Pachunama, and the right head is Cutu, a vicious and cruel weasel who takes great delight and torturing everybody and everything. Whether this is true or not is uncertain, but he is frequently heard arguing with himself.