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The Palando (Far-Gate) or ‘Navigators’ are a special group of magic-users, commissioned by the Queen. Their sole task is to facilitate travel and transport. As the borders of Rhutalath became more and more dangerous, the Elves needed a way to leave their land safely. The Navigators discovered the way amongst the ancient texts of Tol Nole. Each Navigator can open a portal to another place- anybody stepping though the portal will arrive at that place. The most powerful of the Palando can transport a small group a thousand leagues away. The Palando are a small group, and their services are highly-sought. The Queen has decreed that they will serve her, and all those she permits. Anybody else is free to seek their aid, but the Navigators charge a heavy fee, sometimes as much as 1000gp. They argue that if the trip is so urgent that ships are out of the question, then it must be worth the money.

Because of this, a few of the Navigators have actually left Edhelnore, and wander around Gaiana seeking custom. Most cannot afford their services, but the very rich can- a Navigator can make a small fortune from individual.

The only weakness in the Navigators is that they cannot step through their own portals, as they must remain outside to keep it open. This makes travel for themselves difficult. The leader of the Palando, Elcris, is currently working on a portal which can maintain itself and make transport even easier. This will enable passengers to travel to the other side of the world, should they wish, as the Navigator can come with them and continually open new portals.

The Palando live in Mar Palando, not far from Emynost. Their uniform is green leather with black trimmings.





Weapon 1


Power Percep.




Power Point Dev


Lore 1




All Palando have access to the Lofty Bridge spell-list (can cast spells up to twice their level with no penalty), and the Navigator spell-list

Must forsake 2 Levels.