child_m.gif (3208 bytes)haku Staz-Pargun

Shaku raise wolves of various types, giant boars and a breed of giant bat that they utilize as cavalry. Often riders will begin to identify with their repsective beasts, some tatooing or scarring related images on themselves and some adorning arms and armour with the same images. The Shaku Staz-Pargun enjoy a respected (but usually disliked) position amongst over Shaku. Those who ride bats are in good positions, bor normally their smaller size would mark them for abuse.


Weapon 1 3

Weapon 2 2

Body Dev 3

Armour (any) 3 TA Mounted* 3

Riding* 4

Animal Healing* 1

Animal Training * 2

Hobbies 2

*Choose either Nhuk (Giant bat) or Shujak (Wolf) or Beamok (Giant Boar)

A Staz-Pargun receives either a fully-trained Nhuk OR a Shujak OR a Beamok.

Must Forsake 1 level.