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OTHER NAMES: Pariel Azeroth

HOME: Originally Azeroth Manor, Doromir.

BORN: 22nd May, 1452

AGE: 23


RACE: Ardanian

PROFESSION: Healer/ Ninja

Strength 88
Quickness 97
Presence 86
Intuition 79
Empathy 90
Constitution 93
Agility 96
Self-Discipline 90
Memory 77
Reasoning 70
Appearance 94


Weapon : Ninjato 133
Weapon: Nunchaku 132
Meditation: Ki 129
Lie Perception 92
MA: Strikes IV 136
Stalk/ Hide 195
Read Tracks 89
Acrobatics 165
Philosophy: Honour 79
Ambush 115
Pick Locks 83
Appraisal 64
MA: Sweeps II 114
Adrenal Defence 114
Weapon Kata 114
Etiquette 125
First Aid 120
Second Aid 120
Herb Lore 75
Play Instrument: Violin 84
Cookery 46
Adrenal Balancing 58
Meditation: Trance 104
History: Ardadain 35
Diplomacy 45


All Healer Lists

Dream Law

LANGUAGES: Ardanian 7, Shintan 7, Atlantean 7, Argani 3

PP: 30 HITS: 172

AT: 1 DB: 30


SPECIAL: All Ki Abilities

Master of Ki (as Background Option)

Danger Sense (as Background Option)


BACKGROUND: Pariel was born and raised in Doromir, the daughter of Lord Azeroth. Due to her high-born status, Pariel was seldom allowed to leave the house alone, and was over-protected. She often wondered what lay beyond Doromir, in the world outside.

When she was five she got the chance to find out. Her mother took her to Angost, to be educated at one of the schools there- a very expensive affair , and strict. Pariel hated it, and eventually ran away. She didn’t get far- just outside the city- but her parents were so worried, they withdrew her from the school after only a year, and took her back to Doromir. Again, she was stuck inside the Manor, and her mother trained her in the healing arts.

When she was 19, she met Grendel. Grendel was new to the village, and was always getting in trouble and, more importantly, disappearing for many weeks at a time. On adventures, the locals claimed. Once, he even accompanied her to Dudley, on one of her rare healing expeditions. She found his lifestyle very attractive. He also seemed to have a crush on her. She decided he was the key to her escape.

Pariel asked Grendel to take her somewhere far away, and show her an adventure. Grendel refused, however, fearing Lord Azeroth. Upset, Pariel set off on her own, and left Doromir. Grendel went to get her back, along with his friend Miagi. When they found her Miagi saw some potential in her. He offered to take her to Shintai, and show her sights she could only dream of, and to train her as a ninja.

Pariel studied hard, becoming a skilled warrior and stealthy assassin. Miagi was impressed with her abilities, and forced her to even more difficult tasks. She never faltered, and soon she’d almost reached his skill.

Yet one night, whilst meditating, she had a vision- her village had been attacked by demons, and her father and mother had been killed. Knowing this was more than a dream, she took her leave of Miagi and returned to Doromir. Miagi was sad to see her go, but there was little left to teach her.

On returning to Doromir, a few months later, everything had changed- half the villagers had been killed, a ruined castle dominated the spot where Azeroth Manor used to stand and Baron Darkmoon had vanished. Pariel, now calling herself Shadow, set off to find him, and to find out what had happened.

In Rhutalath, she met up with Auberon and, briefly, joined his Chosen Men. Eventually they met up with Grendel, now calling himself Blood Wolf. They travelled together, and Grendel answered all her questions. The two of them grew close, and romance almost blossomed- until the ghost of his not-so-dead wife came between them.................