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Pegador is one of the most peaceful and beautiful counties in Rhutalath. Far from any borders, Pegador is safe and secure, and far from any possible attacks. In addition, its proximity to both the anvil Isles and the Garan Isles ensures there is constant trade. Due to its location, Pegador possesses a small military, but a large navy and fleet of trading ships.

Pegador is regarded by many as the most beautiful of the counties- its long and exotic beaches make Eivana one of the most picturesque and visited regions in Rhutalath, rivaling even the beaches of the Krull Isles. The plains of Eivana are another spectacle to behold, as are the flax covered fields of Kalna.

Perhaps most importantly, Pegador is famous for its fine linen textiles and is responsible for the majority of fashions in Rhutalath, and even as far as Ardadain. Pegador linen is of the finest quality, and clothes are exported all over Rhutalath and the Parzifan colonies, even as far as Keledrakus. The clothes fetch a fine price all other the realms, and are considered the height of fashion by ladies of good standing.

Pegador is also famous for the pegasi which roam its green rolling hills. It was in Pegador where the Whiteguard first established themselves, before spreading to the other duchies. Although a small Duchy, Pegador is the leading region in fashion, military and in sheer beauty.

Type: Duchy / County

Symbol: White pegasus on a green field.
Capital: City of Pegador
Population: 255,000
Inhabitants: Mainly Rhutalathian.

Major Exports:
Coal (Eivana coast) to Mantos
Linen and clothes to all Rhutalath and other countries.

Other Exports:
Pearls and Pegasi to Rhutalath.

Major Imports:
Tin from Mantos

Iron from Garan Isles

Other Imports:
Wine from Toltoluine

Military: Lead by Commander Tyus Diego

Knights 70
Cavalry 850
Warriors 2,100
Archers 2,050
Whiteguard 185
Levy 20,000
Galleons 68

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