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OTHER NAMES: Lord Prospero, Prince Prospero, Heir to Enedhaur, Lord of Caras Eleniel.

HOME: Originally Enedhaur, now Emynost and Caras Eleniel, Edhelnore

BORN: 16th April, 1340

AGE: 136


RACE: Argani

PROFESSION: Seer/ Force-Mage

Strength 58
Quickness 72
Presence 44
Intuition 88
Empathy 91
Constitution 53
Agility 83
Self-Discipline 61
Memory 98
Reasoning 101
Appearance 85


Weapon : Longsword 85
Directed Spells 93
Linguistics 98
Runes 124
Demon Lore 140
Flora Lore 135
Faerie Lore 137
Herb Lore 98
Meditation: Sleep 60
Meditation: Trance 56
Magical Language: Valikal 71
Power Perception 118
Symbol Lore 138
Elemental Lore 93
Advanced Mathematics 109
Lore: Death-Queen 95
Lore: Urlocs 95
Magical Research 91
Spell Artistry 120


All Force Mage Lists
All Seer Lists

LANGUAGES: Ardanian 7, Maldidoran 7, Rhutalathian 6, Parzifan 7, Argani 9, Valikal 10, Urloc 10, Dwarvish 3

PP: 150 HITS: 137

AT: 2 DB: 10



The Sword of Prospero- A magical longsword, which once belonged to Calador, brother of Melwen. +20 OB, +20 DB. Fumbles only on a 1. The sword can immolate at will, causing an additional heat critical on all foes.

Helm of Mirini- x2 pp multiplier. +5 Spell Adder. Adds +30 to all spell rolls.

Wand of Prospero- Adds +40 to all Directed Spells, and x2 damage.


Background: Prospero was born in 1340, to Caledor and Mirini. Caledor was the brother of queen Melwen, and thus Prospero stood to inherit the throne of Edhelnore, should the queen produce no heirs. Caledor was also the Queen's warlord, and in charge of the defense of the Elvenlands.

From a young age, Prospero should great aptitude for the magical arts, and scholarly pursuits. He didn't show much interest in fighting and soldiery, which pleased his father a lot. Caledor had never wanted his son to have to live through wars, like he had. Not that Prospero was weak, or unwilling to fight; he just showed a great fondness for knowledge and arcana. Thus, when he reached the age of thirty, Prospero enrolled in the Halls of Enchantment, an academy dedicated to teaching the magical arts. His mother, Mirini, had been a long time teacher there, and begin his special mentor. The special bond Prospero and his mother shared helped him to excel in his studies, and he quickly became the one of the best mages in the Halls, second only to his mother. At the same time, Caledor taught him how to defend himself in combat.

However, because of the intensity of his studies, Prospero never allowed himself to leave the city. Whilst all his peers left, to explore the country, and the world beyond, Prospero stayed in the libraries studying. After a while, news of his abilities reached the ears of Queen Melwen, and she enlisted him as one of her special seers (a group known as the Hiri-Nol). Their purpose was to study ancient texts and prophecies, and warn the queen of things which would come to pass. Prospero was particularly interested in the progeny of Balzot, including the Death-Queen and her off-spring. As this was a matter which concerned Melwen dearly, Prospero was close to her heart, both as her nephew and her most trusted advisor.

In 1403, tragedy struck. Caledor was killed by Kiria tribesmen, whilst fighting a war in the Holylands. The news grieved Mirini so much that she lost faith in the Mortal world, and set sail to the Godlands. Prospero was alone in the world, and Melwen took him under her wing, and treated him like a son. In the event that she would die without an heir, Prospero would become king of Edhelnore. There was a lot of political pressure for Prospero to take over his father's role as Warlord and General. However, he refused, seeking only knowledge and wisdom. For many years the role of Warlord remained unfilled (until the coming of Auberon). Because of his duties to the queen, Prospero still rarely ventured past the city walls. Even when he did, he never went futher than the city of Siria.

Over the years, Prospero's knowledge increased dramatically, as did his ability to interpret prophecies and omens. It was Prospero who informed the queen that she would marry an Elf who had returned from the dead (Lexus), and of the demise of the Death-Queen.

Since then, Prospero has become embroiled in the campaign to slay the Wraiths of Vancumar, and helped to kidnap Shinkara from the Six-Spires.