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Being an account of events leading up to, and following, The Quest for the Sword


2nd February Eddie and Jempo save caravan from Trolls in the Tyari Tereg. Find 'gem.'
5th February Valkrist and Friends stay at Cuilim
Eddie and Jempo attack the Tower of Birds.
6th February Valkrist and friends rescue two lovers from Cuilim, from the spiders of Daenor Forest. They meet Tobald.
7th February Eddie and Jempo meet Karella, in her guise as Marlin the Bard, at the Last Inn
9th February Valkrist and friends assault Lug Grash (Daenor). Berrick, Peppin and Toby are killed
Eddie and Jempo explore Fort Gular
10th February Eddie and Jempo stay at the village of Lar. Karella steals their gem (really a fragment of Kanasarn)
11th February Eddie and Jempo save Bantan from being sacrificed. They then rescue Sha'rina from a troll cave (Tyari Tereg)
12th February Valkrist meets Berunez ('Babbon Knees') in Dumble
14th February Valkrist and Barunez meet the Ninja in Gnollstone
15th February Eddie, and the rest, begin their journey through the Ered Glos
18th February Valkrist, Barunez and the Ninja enter the Caves of Illusion
19th February Eddie, and the rest, leave the Mountains of Ered Glos
20th February Valkrist returns from the Caves alone
Eddie, Jempo, Bantan and Sha'rina stay at town of Gnollstone
22nd February Valkrist meets Eddie, Jempo, Bantan and Sha'rina, in Pelare (Rhutalath)
24th February The Company find the dying guard in Kanora. He gives them their quest.
5th March The company reach Gaermas. Eddie fights the Black Bat. Set sail on The Sea-Drake
7th March Ship attacked by pirates
8th-12th March Murder on the ship. The Company find the culprit (Karella, in the guise of a nobleman)
15th March Land at Tol Nole. Find books burnt. Told to seek original writer, Morwe, in Edhelnore. Karella kidnaps Lady Herufara, and escapes in a boat. The Company give chase
17th March Reach the Fell Tower on ship. Fight with Karella, but she escapes. Sha'rina falls of a bridge and dies. Set sail for the Elvenlands, with Herufara
18th March Essence Storm. Bantan disappears. Everyone knocked unconcious
21st March Ship-wrecked in Larador. Everyone awakens.
23rd March Reach town of Tosh-Mak. Asked by the Starlords to retrieve their symbol off bandits, in the Bandit Dunes. Eddie stays behind
24th March Eddie killed by Karella
Eddie is brought back to life by Balzot, and turned into the Pazuza. His mission is to stop the Company
25th March Eddie kills the High Priestess of Angost, and puts the temple in Balzot's control. Heads back to Larador
26th March The rest of the Company reach the Bandits. They befriend Bethin. Valkrist is corupted by the sword, and kills Jempo, Herufara and Bethin
Eleniel transforms Jempo into Lexus, and Bethin and Herufara into Sindara and Kalina, respectively
Valkrist, failing to get the pendant, heads south alone.
27th March Lexus free's the mines of Twisted fell from Murazor, and retrieves Kalanor, the Great Sword.
29th March Lexus and the Sharyar find Bantan in Enedhaur. They enter the Riddle Caves
30th March Lexus and friends meet Sgathak the Dragon, who guides them out of the caves. They kill a Balrog. They head to Edhelnore
5th April Eddie meets up with Valkrist in Stol
9th April Eddie and Valkrist enter the Elven Mountains
13th April Eddie and Valkrist reach Edhelnore
14th April Lexus and friends meet Valkrist and Eddie in Sirmas
16th April Reach Morwe's house. Find Morwe dead. Arrested by Elves
18th April Enter Emynost. they are found innocent by Melwen.Large party. Lexus copulates with Melwen.
Eddie, whilst hunting, meets the Horned Spirit, and shows him his 'fate.'
21st April The company capture the Arim in the Old Mines. Eddie (Pazuza) kills Bantan
24th April Return to Emynost
26th April Leave Emynost, for Kalmar's house (Morcrebainia). Kalmar may have a copy of the scrolls
2nd May Stay at the Hogwash Inn. Meet Freya (Karella) and Runk. Attacked by Zombies
4th May Reach the Ered Nibin. Enter caves
6th May Emerge from caves in the Loeg Mewlipi. Attacked by the six Logurti. Rescued by Kalmar
9th May Reach Kalmar's house. Get copies of Scrolls
10th May Leave the house
16th May Leave the Swamp, and enter Tauron
20th May Meet Ents. Eddie over-indulges in Ent-Draught
22nd May Encounter with Undead Jempo, sent by Mausolus
24th May Reach the Dwarf Mines of Kizik Min. Sent to retrieve Dwarven- Axe from Orcs
26th May The company ambush the Orcs
27th May Eddie is killed by Giant Spiders. The Company assault the Orc Fortress, retrieve the Axe, and rescue Fornis
30th May Return to Kizik Min. Enter Mines, to by-pass mountains
13th June Emerge from Mines
15th June Reach Orpalais. Give scrolls to Louhen.
16th- 17th June R&R in Caras Hindi
18th June Sent to get Meteor Iron from Aracnemancer
27th June Riddles with Grem the Sea-Drake
31st June Enter Spider Forest
3rd July Reach Fort Arach. Arachnemancer gives them Iron, and accompanies them
18th July Return to Orpalais. Meeting of the Sword. Company are told the history of the sword, and Valkrist is told about his heritage. Lexus finds out Melwen is pregnant; they get engaged
19th July Whilst National Leaders discuss tactics, and the Amulet is built, Valkrist, Lexus, Kalina and Sindara set off for Ardadain.
Fornis is told to purchase horses for the military campaign
25th July Valkrist stops at Gonando to visit guild, whilst Lexus and the Sharyar continue.
Fornis buys horses from Lacite.
26th July Valkrist gains rank of Full Smith.
Kalina is killed by Trolls
27th July Valkrist informs Pepin's parents of his death. He then sets off for Malidor
Fornis visits his mother in Villac. He meets a strange old man who offers to buy the horses
29th July Lexus meets with the king of Ardadain. He saves the Temple from Balzot's influence. Sindara becomes High Priestess.
Fornis inadvertedly awakens King Kuros
30th July Lexus receives message from 'Melwen'
4th August Lexus copulates with Melwen at the Hill of Consummation. Finds out it is really the Death Queen. She is impregnated, and Lexus is tricked into wearing the Black Ring. the Hill is destroyed. Lexus heads back to Malidor
Kuros and Fornis reach the Orpalais
5th August Kuros arrests King Louhen and Queen Filia
6th August Louhen and Filia are beheaded. Fornis is killed in a rescue attempt
7th August Kuros is crowned new king of Malidor. He vows to continue the Quest.
Lexus meets Valkrist on the homeward journey.
8th August Lexus and Valkrist return to the Orpalais. They are given their Amulet. Freya goes on the quest for Morcrebainia, and Dwalin for the Dwarves. Hafnas, the Cymuran Druid, also accompanies them.
9th August Teleported to Aegan Desert
11th August Reach Ro-Desil. Informed that Mortaz, the Lord's vizier, has stolen the Shard for the Storm King. Head off after him.
14th August Find Mortaz. He has been robbed and killed by the Arimasp. the company follow the trail
15th August The company are captured by Aram. They manage to escape. Theos arrives in Malidor, angry that Atlantis has no representative. He is permitted to go.
16th August Assault tower of Eizh'a'Kil, and retrieve shard from Arimasp. Teleported to Emynor. Theos is teleported to them by Galen. He joins the company
17th August Attacked by Death Queen's forces
18th August Reach the town of Tolmil. They are told they can have the Shards if they find the Elagon. they are told to go to Armill for information. Lexus meets Titta, and is unfaithful to Melwen. She joins the group
19th August Freya diappears, along with the Shard. Theos blames Titta.
24th August Dwalin's beard is removed by playful Nymphs
3rd September Reach The Jugglers' Haven. the company put on a play for the Jugglers. Sunlending notices them...
14th September Stop at town of Tarania, being rebuilt
17th September Reach Library of Armill. Fight Trolls. Hafnas is killed by them. Find out they must go north to the Arctic Wastes
29th September Reach harbour town of Morkrell, where they book passage on the Norsan. Book stolen by Sunlending and his men. The Norsan is set on fire, whilst Sunlending escapes in his ship. Clues point to the Jugglers' Haven
30th September Ship repaired. Voyage begins
6th October Explore ruins on island. Theos pushes Runk off a cliff, breaking his legs. Lexus, entirely taken over by the Black Armour, summons Eleniel. Balzot appears instead. He tells them of his return
7th October Reach bay. find the elagon. they are attacked by Sunlending's men, who steal the elagon, and sick the Norsan. They then sail away
9th October Still heading south, the company encounter Ice Trolls
10th October Meet Kranik, the Ice-Drake
11th October Lexus spies a village, and he and Titta go to investigate. Theos refuses to, and continues south with Valkrist, Dwalin and Runk
12th October Lexus and Titta are held prisoner by the village
13th October Lexus and Titta are recued by Malnir, an Elf. He guides them south
15th October Arrive at Malnir's village. Attacked at night by mutant Elves. More elves go missing
16th October Attacked again. Titta is captured this time
17th October Titta is rescued by Lexus from the Rhodintor. Her arm had been removed. Replaced by the Elves with steel equivalent
7th November Theos, Dwalin and Valkrist reach the Library again. They meet Auberon and Miagi here
8th November Valkrist fixes Runk
12th November Lexus and Titta meet them at the library
25th November The company return to the Jugglers' Haven. Miagi sneaks in. He finds that Sunlending has gone to Ralis Rock to sell the Elagon to Bandits
1st December The company reach Ralis Rock. They fight a huge battle with the Bandits, who are ambushed by Orcs as well. Sunlending is killed, and the Company retrieve the Elagon. they escape via an underground river
13th December Reurn to Tolmil. The Elagon is a fake!
14th December Discover that the Glass-blower's guild sold a fake to the Green Man, in Caer Llyn. He must have switched them. They leave for Caer Llyn
30th December Reach Caer Llyn
31st December Find the Green Man. He tells them he has sold the Elagon to Taruken, the sorceror who lives in the Darkling Forest


1st January Enter the Darkling Wood
2nd January Company spend the night with some elves. Help to fight off an Orc attack
3rd January Enter Tarukan's Spire, and kill the sorceror. The company get the real Elagon
4th January Stay with the Elves again
20th January Lexus' twins are born: a girl and a boy. Lexus later names them Galen and Kalina
21st January Arrive at Tolmil. Given the three shards. All members of the company are knighted, and given land in Horsa. Teleport away
22nd January Meet Galen in the Emyn Beraid. Tells them that Freya is Karella, and she has the shard in Carakum. He casts a spell to make them look like Orcs
23rd January Attacked by Dwarves. Reach the gates of Daenor, and pass through
28th January Reach town of Carakum. Witness Sacrifices
29th January Attempt to break into Fortress goes wrong. All members of the company are captured.
30th January The company escape with the help of the Gods. Lexus loses his powers. Rescue the REAL Freya. Kill Karella, and get the last Shard. Runk stays with his Mistress, whilst the Company heads back to Malidor
27th February Return to Malidor. Galen is already there
28th Feb- 5th March Valkrist reforges sword, whilst Lexus discusses tactics with King Kuros
6th March Set off for Sharla
25th April Reach Sharla, Tolvan
26th April Set sail for Feanore on the Swansong
28th April Valkrist is killed whilst trying to save Lexus, by a Logurth
30th April Land at Shamro, Feanore
3rd May the Death Queen gives birth to Lexus' child
4th May Enter the Godlands, over the Rainbow. Valkrist's spirit is transferred into Theos. Bantan and Sha'rina are returned from the dead. The Dark Ring is removed from Lexus
5th May Teleported to the Sea of Fire. Galen makes a boat, and they sail for the Tower of Death. The Logurti let them pass, hoping they'll kill the Death Queen
6th May Enter the Dark Tower. The Death Queen, still weakened by child birth, is killed by Theos. Galen is killed in the attempt, by Lexus. The tower collapses. The Logurti let them escape.
20th May Celebrations in Angost
21st May The company leave Angost on the back of Ardanian Griffons
30th May Reach Emynost.
1st June Wedding of Lexus and Melwen, and naming of their children. Titta become Melwen's handmaid, and Auberon becomes Lexus' chief bodyguard. Bantan and Sha'rina also marry
2nd June The rest of the company depart. Miagi by foot, Theos, Bantan and Sha'rina by ship, and Dwalin by griffon
10th June Dwalin reaches Twisted Fell
15th June Dwalin becomes King of Twisted Fell
23rd August Miagi arrives home
26th August Miagi becomes high priest
1st September Theos returns to Gorias
17th September Bantan and Sha'rina claim the lands of Horsa, as given to them by the Company.