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Ragnus Merelon is the current Magelord of the Mage-Seekers. Wizened and old, Ragnus has been the Magelord for as long as anyone can remember. Most people are unsure of his age, though most joke he has to be at least 500. Some even go so far as to say that he discovered the Elixir of Life when he was an initiate, and can never die. Whatever the truth is, he is older than most people in the Grottoes, and is still quite healthy for his age.

Strict and cranky to other mage-seekers, Ragnus is really a kindly old man, who secretly takes pride in his Seekers. He has had the pleasure of seeking one of his former initiates, Goran, rise and become king. He has also seen the interest in the Seekers grow phenomenally, and watched as all the Lighthalls grew to facilitate even more members.

Ragnus is known for his love of constructs and automatons. He spent most of his Seeker life, and now his Magelord life, rediscovering the secrets of animation and construction. Indeed, his house is filled with golems, homonguli and constructs, all doing his bidding. He has even exported some of his creations to his favourite senior staff members.Considered insane by some of the initiates, due to his crankiness and love of artificial beings, Ragnus is actually in full control of his senses, and has a great capacity for abstract thought and logic.