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Raukar has been in the service of Yamaile since his birth. Originally the servant and guardian of his father, Hag'arr, Raukar is a Demon of the Void. Sworn to protect the Death Queen after Hag'arr's death (at the hands of the Death Queen, it is rumoured), Raukar served as general of her forces after Yamaile left Iaur Angudum to set up a realm. He also served as general during the founding of Daenor, leading the armies of Vancumar against the Ardanians. Since the Death queen's demise, Raukar has joined the forces of Daenor, taking charge of the Rhutalathian invasion, and the conquering of Old Arandor. As well as general, Raukar also doubles up as Slavemaster, though generally assigns that task to his Colonel, Vikar.

Raukar is a Demon of Might, infinitely strong, and just as clever. Inhumane, he cares nothing of his troops, and will sacrifice as many as possible to get the job done. Whilst this would lead to rebellion in any other army, no one will turn against the fearsome sight of the Demon of Might. Raukar is less of a general and more of a butcher- but his tactics seem to work. Very few people will stand in the face of a Void Demon, and his troops know that- despite their fear, they know they will win. God-like intelligence and lack of earthly morals makes for a deadly general.

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Grobo, son of Gorbo, is a war troll of surprising intelligence. Whilst never an academic, Grobo shows a surprising grasp of tactics. For this reason, Grobo was put in charge of his father's cadre, the Stone-Fists. Fearsome on the battlefield, the Stone-Fists have recently had chance to rpove their worth; originally, they were thought to be nothing but glorified giant-slayers. Since then, they have turned the tide of many battles.

Unlike most trolls, Grobo understands repsect, and treats his troops as equals. As such, the trolls and ogres under his command will do anything he asks.

Grobo's intelligence is so reknowned, that he was actually invited to the Servant of Lore council, to discuss intelligence reports. He spent the entire meeting picking his nose. Which just goes to show that an intelligent troll is still not very smart!



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Kyzar is a lich-lord of great power, who lives deep in the confines of Kyzar Forest. He is the ruler of Eglador, and protects the northern routes at the Shadow-Mage's bidding. Kyzar was originally a servant of Mausolus, and was the liason between the two leaders during the Second Dark War. However, Kyzar greedily succumbed to Yamaile's offers of rulership, and wealth and power, and stayed with the Shadowmage once the alliance had ended. The Shadow-Mage's plan was to use Kyzar to control the damned spirits of Killari, who were tormenting his own troops, and use them to defend the northern reaches. Kyzar took to the task well, bending the sprit's wrath to his own end, and creating a fearsome army. He convinced the spirits that the Daenorim were the heirs of Gaellia, and that they must seek atonement by serving them. He was unable to keep them from attacking Ilmanor, believed it was a small price to pay.

For the most part, Kyzar leaves the spirits at peace, haunting their own areas, and doing as they please. Only when the land is under serious threat does he summon them together and create an undead army. Or when nosey adventurers trespass, and he wants some fun. In addition to his willing Killari, he is also creating a small army of other undead, including zombies, skeletons and ghouls. He makes the most of the Ghosts' attacks on Ilmanor to obtain corpses, usually Orcs, to expand his ranks.

Kyzar is patient, cruel and very cunning, and will never rush into a hasty action. Slowly gathering strength, he hopes to one day turn his legions against the Shadow-Mage, and then on to Mausolus himself. Until then, he is happy to defend Daenor, building his army as the years go by. If the Shadowmage is aware of his treachery he does not seem to mind- after all, Kyzar's army is useful, and Kyzar himself insignificant.

Enjoying the solitude, Kyzar hates to be disturbed. Only the Shadow-Mage and his closest minions are able to seek him. If a minor messenger is sent, the messenger will be killed, and a reply sent back by his resurrected undead form. Treasure-seekers and assassins receive even less of a welcome, usually being tortured and held captive, and used for Kyzar's foul experiments. One such treasure-seeker, captured and tormented a century ago, now serves as Kyzar's servant; a grey and wrinkled creature, once an Elf until transformed by Kyzar's experiments, who answer's to the name of Creb.