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The Royal Soldiers are the official army of the King, and the Holy Army of Faith. Unlike the Duchy soldiers of the counties, the Royal Army rarely spends its time patrolling the streets. They are highly trained, and skilled, and the king would not demean his soldiers by putting them on police duty. The Royal Soldiers generally spend their time guarding the Daenor Border, or patrolling the King’s Roads. The King maintains a large garrison of his own army in each and every county, protecting his own interests, as well as ensuring his vassals stay loyal. The Duchy soldiers resent their presence, due to their better pay and lifestyle.

The Royal Soldiers are usually religious, though this is not a pre-requisite, and most of them take mass before going into battle. They are as well-trained as the Ardanian Royal Army, and their skilled horsemen are feared world-wide.

Skill Ranks
Primary Weapon* 5
Secondary Weapon** 4
Dagger 4
MIA: Chain 6
MIA: Plate 8
Body Development 5
Riding: Soldier/Cavalry 4/8
Military Organization 3
Religion: Khanusan 4
Tactics 4
Brawling 2
Missile Artillery:


Donning/Doffing Armour 3

*(Primary Weapon: Cavalry= lance, Pikemen= spear, Archers= longbow, Footsoldiers= Longsword

**Secondary Weapon: Cavalry= longsword, Pikemen= Shortsword, Archers= Shortsword, Footsoldiers= Axe)

Must forsake 2 levels

Talent Points:
Weapon (+10) 0
Lesser War horse 20
Owed Favour by officer 5
Promotion 7
Armour (+10) 5
Shield (+10) 5
Holy Book (Khanusani) 0