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The land which now makes up Rhutalath was originally occupied by the Ursani Morrim. Following the arrival of the Angolian Parzifans, the Morrim were displaced from their lands. After centuries of vicious war, the Ursani were expelled and occupied only the furthest reaches of the country.

The country, at first, was part of the large glorious kingdom of Arandor. Although ruled by its own regent, Ronador (as the district became known) held allegiance to one monarch, who ruled from Pandarat. As a result, the land of Ronador was subject to the laws and treaties of the super-nation. For a while, the situation was ideal- As Arandor joined the Iaurdor alliance, Ronador benefited greatly. The chief members of the alliance, the Edhelnore Elves, were Ronador's nearest neighbours, and the trade and mutual friendship was highly valued by the Ronadorans.

This changed with the founding of the Atlantean colonies. As Atlantea grew in power, it began to look overseas for new territory. The king of Arandor, Mozan, enamoured with the Empress, decided to unite his kingdom with the Atlantean Empire. Although the Iaurdor Alliance was against this, Mozan did as he chose, and within a year Arandor was an official part of the Atleantean Empire. The Alliance, unwilling to be subject to foreign rule, dissolved the treaty, and Ronador, not wanting to lose their friendship with the Elves, followed suit. Ronador left both Arandor and the Atleantean Empire and became Rhutalath, an independent country.

The friendship with the Elven races was not to last forever, however. Following the arrival of the messiah Kalnus, the Rhutalathians turned against the Elves, and began to both persecute and exectute them. Although long-time allies, the other nations, appalled by the Rhutalthian behaviour, slowly began to turn their backs on the Kingdom of Faith. Eventually, Angabor, the Lord-Inquisitor, grew weary of the King's attempts at appeasement, and seized power. Killing the king and the majority of his family, Angabor ruled in his stead. Rhutalath became a theocracy. However, the king's regent escaped with the two-year old heir to the throne, and hid him safe from harm. Now, the heirs of the Royal Family wait patiently, one day hoping to return and reclaim the throne.


13 Venn Karr built by Ursani.

c. 50 Several Ursani tribes from the southern islands take to the sea, eventually becoming the Kerin'thia.

77-81 Dwarves from Keledrakus, led by Kuzak, travel north to the Ered Glos in search of wealth. Others, led by Diran, colonize the Anvil Isles.

90 The Dirani Dwarves encounter the Kerin'thia. A territorial dispute occurs.

90-122 The Island Wars. Kerin'thian and Dwarven ships clash in a series of fierce sea-battles.

122 The elros Treaty is established, defining both Kerin'thian and Dirani borders. Trade begins between the two peoples.

125 Arandor founded by Parzifans in Iaurdor. King Renik is the first regent of Ronador, the eastern province.

126 Capital city of Ost Firir found. First states are Denara, Aldara, and Julana.

130-145 War with the Morrim beyond the Ered Glos.

145 General Karik pushes Morrim back beyond the River Foal.

147 City of Karik founded, capital of the new county of Toltoluine.

150 First Pegasi tamed by the king. Town of Pegador established for capture of Pegasi.

153-165 More Morrim wars. Kalna of Rhutalath, Chief general of the High King, slays many Ursani.

161 Trade starts with the elves of Edhelnore. Queen Melwen sends aid against Morrim.

164 Official alliance of Edhelnore and Ronador. 165 General Kalna is slain, and enters mythology. Gral takes over. General Gral pushes Morrim beyond the wild river. County of Pegador established.

165-168 The citizens of Toltoluine, upset at losing territory to Pegador, declare war on the new Pegadoran duchy. A small but bloody war ensures.

168 Pegador and Toltoluine sign a peace treaty, after the duke of Toltoluine is executed by the High King.

168-271 Ronador's Golden age. Many new towns are established.

258 King Fora marries Miriel, an Elf from Emynost.

263 Atlantea is discovered.

264 Spirit of Karr Vale rebels, to stop Morrim destruction.

268 Battle of Karr Vale; Morrim are slaughtered and the Vale abandoned.

270 Ronador refuses to join the Atlantean Coalition, preferring its own 'superior' rule.

271 Ronador is forced to leave the nation of Arandor. It renames itself Rhutalath.

315-400 Warlord Makra leads the Morrim against Rhutalath. Rhutalathians lose much land, and are pushed back beyond the Foal.

400 Melwen's forces turn the tide, and the Morrim are moved back to the Glos. Rhutalath has even more land.

403 Mantos is established, the seventh county.

405 Karr Vale discovered- search party killed. The Vale is declared off-limits.

410-450 Many unsuccessful attacks by the Morrim. Permanent Elven presence in Mantos helps deter them.

415 Isles of Garan colonized. Landtamers established in Mantos by Ral Norim.

416 First contact between the enigmatic Kerin'thia and the Rhutalathians. Trade routes are soon established.

417 Landtamers begin to survey Karr Vale.

416-500 The Garan Isles are continuously colonized.

425 Dwarves of Anvil isles begin trade with Rhutalath.

451 The first Mantaknight, Sir Krin Dalros, rides a Manticore into battle against the Ursani.

451-482 Pirates from the south continually harass Rhutalathian, Dwarven and Kerin'thia ships.

452 The Mantaknights are established.

465 Arandor splits due to internal conflict. Rhutalath is the most powerful of the Parzifan nations.

482 The Treaty of Ameen is signed between Dwarves, Kerin'thia and Rhutalathians, offering mutual protection against pirates.

485 Rhutalath gains more land, stretching to the Casar river.

486 Tyari Tereg founded. Glossam is founded as capital.

490-550 Troll wars. Most trolls are hunted down, and confined to the Troll downs.

490 Horan Palace built in Glossam, Tyari Tereg.

499 The Great Colosseum is built in Wila, Mantos.

512 First appearance of the Cult of the Moon. Great catacombs begin to be built under Glossam.

514 Cult of the moon build the Tower of the Moon.

521 Battle of the Downs. Trolls defeat Tyari Tereg army.

525 The Landtamer, Grull El Torek is possessed by the Spirit of Karr Vale. He kills most of the Landtamers at the Vale and attacks Wila. He is killed in the attempt.

550 Battle of Goldmill, Tyari-Tereg- Trolls are defeated and General Fitz is killed.

575-614 Morrim are pushed further back to river Nel.

615 Isana founded on remains of Morrim territory of Gr'anak. Larki is established as the capital. Nurn is the first port town built. The catacombs of Glossam are finished.

630 Trade with Dwarves of Kazad-Ar. Duke Tasar Kemlar, of Mantos, marries Aelwen an Ainnaran Elf. Elven Blood enters the noble family.

645 Alliance with Dwarves of Kazad-Ar and Garan.

651-700 The Cult of the Moon begin to attract many members in Tyari Tereg, and gain a large following in the Alwan district.

668 Rhutalath joins the fight against the Death Queen.

669 Ursani attack Rhutalath.

671 Ardadain is defeated. Rhutalath pulls out of the war, to fight the Ursani.

690 The Great Purge. Rhutalathians, along with Dwarf and Elf allies, push the Morrim south as far as the Sira.

692 Counties of Tali and Mina founded.

723-760 Dwarven exodus to Malidor. The departure of so many Dwarves reduces trade in Isania. Poverty strikes many of the larger towns.

730 Capital of Isania moved to Terrunel, in order for the duke to take care of trade personally

801-818 Last Morrim war. Last of the south Morrim are either killed, or driven to Keledrakus.

819 Gona and Tian are founded.
821 Manara founded.

830-853 War with Keledrakus. Many coastal towns are sacked.

840 Elves refuse to help with another war.

855 Treaty of Mios. Keledrakun/ Rhutalathian border established.

885 Kalnus is born in Mersula, in the Holy-Lands.

890 The Daenor Empire is founded.

902 Holy lands discovered by Danro Elgara, of Rhutalath.

904 Elves give up holy lands to Rhutalathians.

905 Kalnus appears at temple of Vinwe, and preaches the virtues of Khanus to Priest Angabor. Angabor becomes the first disciple of Khanus.

905-917 Kalnus converts most of Rhutalath to the Khanus religion. The eight Disciples complete their Trials.

908 First church of Khanus built. Angabor becomes high priest.

910 Other nations want access to Waters, but Rhutalath refuses, calling them Heathens.

916-943 First Holy War

918 Flight of the Golden Barge. Kalnus goes to Heaven. Elves refuse to let Rhutalathians, and other nations, to cross through their lands to war.

919 Kalnus returns, and preaches of the evil of Elves, and all magical things. The Religion orders the death of all Elves in Rhutalath. Elven embassy departs.

920-940 The Great sundering. The king and his followers disagree with the persecution of Elves. A civil war ensues.

920 The Elfdeath are established by Lord Grilas Kemlar. Battle of the Dru. Fort Dru, in Mantos, is attacked by Elves, and its inhabitants slaughtered. Battle of Feyblood- thousands of Elves are forced to flee back to the homeland.

921 Fortress of Muletre built in Mantos to house the Elfdeath. Ainn and Strovol rebel against the Mantosian duke.

922 The Slaughter of Ainn.

926 Palace beseiged by the Khanusan.

927 The Royal Palace falls. The Vorandor are defeated. King Vanhir is slain by High Priest Angabor. Young Prince Naril is taken by Borath, and hidden on the Isle of Krull. Angabor the usurper is crowned king.

929 The Vorandor flee Rhutalath, migrating east and west.

930 Khana becomes national religion of Rhutalath. Aldara is renamed Kanora.

931 The peoples of Denara and Isana refuse to accept Angabor as king, and stage protests. The Denarans demand an independant state.

933 Angabor’s army captures Denara, and the capital of Gnollstone. Its leaders are killed, and Denara becomes officially part of Kanora. Isana backs down, and accepts Angabor.

940 Iana Moonblade founds the Enlightened.

943 Grey religion captures the Holy Lands. Khanusans lose, due to stretched forces. All Nations besiege them.

944 Duke Del Ara of Isania attempts to use the Bulltombs as his family tombs. He sets off the 'curse.'

946 Kalnus is assassinated by Elven assassin, sparking off even more racial hatred. He is buried on the isle of Sha-mo.

946-950 War against the Elves. Thousands of Elves are captured and executed. All the disciples, apart from Angabor, commit suicide.

949 Rulf Bor of the Elf-Death, establishes the Fey-Stalkers. Julana becomes Huanor.

950-955 Stonegate and Mirkwell are repeatedly attacked by undead. Society of Grol is founded.

980 Official ban on all 'Demon's Magic.' Inquisitors established by Melnor, son of Angabor.

981 Witch-hunts and trials begin all over Rhutalath.

983-990 Suppression of Cult of the Moon's activities and worship. The Cult goes underground.

990 Tol Goroth is converted to a prison for Magic-users.

993 The Elf-Death are moved north to the Elven border, at Huana. The Harlan Peninsula is taken over by the Inquisition.

1003 The treaty of Emynost; Edhelnore, Cymuria, Tauron, Alqador and Malidor sign a treaty of mutual protection. Rhutalath is prohibited from signing, in protest of their treatment of Elves.

1010-1023 Second Elven War. The Elf-Death and the Knights of the Blood attempt to destroy Edhelnore. They are beaten back by sorcery, after destroying several Eleven towns.

1022 Rhutalathians reach as far as Emynost, but are defeated by Eagle-riders. They retreat to the border, although many small raids occur.

1023 A small Daenor force, led by Keasa, attacks Rhutalath, but is defeated by Rhutalathians. Rhutalathians abandon Elven campaign to fight home-war.

1025 Repeated attacks on Southern Rhutalath by Kasta Khan and Lamia the Golden, of Daenor.

1113 Undead attack Mirkwell. Grol attack Bulltombs

1130 The society of Grol are disbanded due to peace.

1158 The Trollguard are established in Goldmill.

1196-1210 Daenor attacks Ardadain. At the same time, The Necromancer attacks Malidor, keeping them out of the war. Second Dark War. The Ilman refuse to help. Ardadain loses eastern territory. Rhutalath attacks, despite the fact that it signed no treaty. The Rhutalathians chase the Daenorim back.

1198- 1330 Strange sightings near the Forest of Mist, and many people disappear. Inquisitors investigate but find nothing.

1200 Alliance between Aradadain and Rhutalath.

1217 Rhutalath refuses an alliance with Salasia, unless they convert. They don't.

1249-1252 The Moon Coup. The Cult of the Moon attempt to capture the High Temple in Glossam. Large effort to stamp out the Cult. Hundreds of members killed.

1252 Waning of the moon- mass slaughter at the Tower of the Moon. 15 Inquisitors killed and 57 Cult members.

1253 Tower of the Moon is abandoned. Dar Zam becomes new Cult headquarters.

1256 Second Holy War. The Khanusan capture the waters.

1285 Stonegate attacked by undead. Society of Grol reformed

1298 Diani Kemlar is assassinated by the Inquisition for marrying an Elf. His brother, Gram, takes over.

1378-1400 Third Dark War. Daenor attacks both Ardadain and Rhutalath. The Rhutalathians manage to fight off the Daenorrim, with heavy casualties.

1464 Third Holy War. Starlords defeat Inquisitors and Knights of the Blood in bloody battle. High Priestess Giliana claims them for all Tolton religions. She allows the Khanusan access, too.

1472 Valkrist, Steel and Berunez venture into the Riddle Caves. Only Valkrist returns.

1473 The Death Queen killed by The Company of the Sword. Steel and Berunez emerge from the Riddle Caves, Steel with no memory of his former life, and Berunez half-maddened.

1474 The Khanusan expansion. Representatives are sent to convert Ardadain and Malidor. Little effect.

The wizard Grendel is captured by Inquisitors and taken to Tol Goroth, before escaping with his friends.

1475 General Auberon and his chosen men establish themselves at Krish-Mu, in Mantos, in order to protect the last Elves of Rhutalath. Auberon releases The Death Queen's Wraiths from their tomb on the Isle of Fala.

Blood Wulf finds the K’anusan stone, and is attacked by Servants of Lore. An Inquisitor is killed trying to defend him, and BloodWolf agrees to look after his daughter, Leanna. Auberon, Blood Wulf et al sucessfully pass through the Riddle Caves.

The Daenorim attack Rhutalath, slaughtering and razing many towns. They besiege the capital of Ost-Firir.

NB: Following the rule of Angabor, the Rhutalathians started measuring their dates again, in the Ano Khanuso era. Thus the year 927 is 1AK. The current year (1476) is 549AK