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Sir Roderigo is Rhutalath's greatest knight, a warrior of great renown and a Champion for the Faith. Fantastic stories are told throughout the land of his ventures, sometimes exaggerated, though usually not. His deeds include the slaying of a dragon which assaulted Gnollstone, the repelling of an Ursani horde from Snake-Spire, the burning of an entire pirate fleet, and several other quests from all over Parzifica. Yet his greatest feat was during the Third Holy War where Rodrigo not only saved his King from death by an Infidel Swordsman, but also captured one of their strongholds. Because of this deed, and an affection for the knight, Roderigo was sworn as Zamerigo’s oath-Brother, and now acts as the sibling the king never had.

Obviously, Roderigo is well-loved by the Rhutalathians, and his peers, and his name is spoken with awe. He is rarely in the palace he calls home, instead making his name in new deeds across the known world. The relationship between he and the king is so strong, that Zamerigo has even proclaimed him his heir, if the King should sire no children of his own.

Unknown to Roderigo at the moment, he is actually a descendant of Vanhir, the last True King of Rhutalath, and as such is the heir to the true throne. He was raised on the Isle of Krull by Borath, and there learned his combat skills from the Ursani. Borath has sent him out into the world to learn his skills, and is secretly pleased with the relationship developing between his protege and the usurper Zamerigo.

Rodrigo is a tall man with long brown hair, and clean shaven. He is impossible good-looking, and women swoon at his feet wherever he goes- yet he is very modest and humble, as befits as follower of Khanusan. Most importantly, he bears a sun-shaped birth-mark between his shoulder-blades- the sign of the True heirs to Rhutalath.