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Rowenna is the Lady in charge of Vinyaro, and is the unofficial leader of the Belestar Argani. She is a wise and patient woman, with equal affection for the Vultani and the Imperials. She helped to draw up the treaty between the two peoples, establishing borders and an armistice. She is on very friendly terms with the Vultani of Gallu. In fact, she even sent her daughter Loria to live with them for many years, to learn their hunting and combat techniques (Loria has since joined Auberon’s Chosen Men).

Rowenna generally minds her own affairs, but she makes occasional trips to Angletown, particularly when it is time for a new Vultani Queen. Although she finds the combat barbaric, she feels that her presence endorses the Queen, and reduces the bloodshed such disbuted claims could lead to. Rowenna also provides a regular Elven escort for the Imperials who wish to enter the forest, whether it be for sport or business. She also acts as Melwen’s Ambassador to the Emperor, if one is needed in a hurry.

Rowenna is a tall elf, reaching 6’1, with pale skin, and long black hair. Her eyes are deep green, and she wears green like her Sylvani kin. Rowenna is married to Lord Olvinu, a Sylvani Elf, and has twin children, Loria, a female, and Kelvu, a male.