child_t.gif (3413 bytes)ozo Marzel

Rozo is the illegitimate heir of Duke Fellip, and rules as regent in his place. Rozo was originally a sailor, until Duke Fellip realized who he was. Since then he has been given all privileges and riches due a Duke’s son, and Fellip looks on him fondly. However, as he is illegitimate, he is not allowed to actually take over as Duke, nor is he allowed to be given a title. Fellip is annoyed about this, and insists that Rozo is referred to as ‘My Lord’ by the general public, and treated with due respect.

Rozo is neither ambitious, now bothered about inheriting the duchy. He is a kindly and educated young man, who became a sailor once him mother died. Fellip took him in, and provided him with a decent education, which was all Rozo had really craved. Now, an expert in law, he runs the affairs of the Duke’s house efficiently.

Rozo is a small young man, with long dark hair and spectacles. He is not particularly good-looking, though the Duke is trying to find him a Noble wife, in order to gain him the power he deserves.