child_m.gif (3208 bytes)aga of the Wraiths

Being an Account of events leading up to, and including, The Black Wriath Saga.


10th May A representative of the Krish-Mu Elves arrives at Emynost, and asks for help. His village needs defence against the Inquisitors. Lexus decides to send Auberon, who is being wasted in the peaceful lands of Edhelnore.
12th May Auberon and his Chosen Men leave Emynost on horseback, and set off for Krish-Mu
16th May Ninja and Berunez emerge from the Cave of Illusions. Ninja has lost his memory, and refers to himself as Steel.
19th May Steel and Berunez meet Shadow in Janar.
1st June Auberon and his 'Chosen Men' arrive at the village of Krish-Mu. They meet the lord, Vanwe, and are given a house.
2nd June An elf is found murdered. Auberon begins an investigation. Auberon interrogates Valn and Krin. Valn is eventually arrested. When interrogated, Valn tells Auberon that there are fey-stalkers in Fort Dru.
3rd June Auberon and his men slay the Fey-Stalkers. Visit Muletre for the first time.
4th June Steel, Berunez and Shadow arrive at the village. Join Auberon's 'Chosen Men.'

Auberon arranges a date with Mellia, but misses it, as he is brawling in Muletre.

5th June Auberon finds a note in his chamner, telling him to meet someone in Tut forest. Auberon goes, and meets Scarlet, and the rest of the Enlightened. They tell him of a plot to assassinate the Baron of Muletre.

Auberon misses another date with Mellia

6th June Auberon stops the assassins, by tricking the Baron into letting him stay in the palace.
7th June Loria and Mallis are captured by the Fey-Stalkers
8th June Auberon and the rest of the Chosen Men attack the Fey-Stalker camp, and rescue Loria and Mallis. The Chosen Men are chased into the ruined city of Ven Karr. The are attacked by the Karr Spirit.They manage to escape.
9th June The Group return to the village of Krish-Mu.

Melara, of the Order of Dral, sneaks into Grendel's castle, disguised as a maid. She casts a spell of lust on Maree and Grendel's father.

Grendel leaves Bar Nule in a hurry, leaving a meeting, after having a vision.

10th August Auberon and his men rescue Shamus, an old man, from a group of Black Claws. He asks them to retrieve his magic treasure, which was stolen 130 years ago by the Death Queen's servant, Ragnor. The treasure was hidden in a cave on the isle of Fala,  which was sent to the void, and will not return until a rare planetary alignment (Teren's Union).. That alignment will occur on the 24th August.

Grendel returns to Doromir to find Maree in bed with his father. In a fit of rage, he destroys the castle, killing Maree, his father, and his mother. He leaves the village in anger.

11th August The Group Travel south. Attacked by Manticore. Loria, Dead-Eye and Aul remain behind to protect the village.
12th August The group is attacked by Black claws.

Grendel reaches Morandor's shrine. Hesits in despair, hoping Morandor will return and help him.

13th August Grendel leaves the shrine.
14th August Grendel, in despair, teleports to the vale to see Mep. Mep cannot cheer him up, and Grendel hits him. Completely alone, Grendel wanders Rhutalath without purpose.
15th August Reach the port-town of Raldo. Steel and Berunez defeat the Black Bat, and gain a lot of fame. No ship will take them to Fala. Told to go to Sarn Rock, to find a Kerin'thia vessel. The Kerin'thia agree to take the party to Fala.
23rd August Reach the Isle of Fala at nightfall. Climb to the mountain cave.

Grendel kills a group of Inquisitors in rage.

24th August They reach the Treasure Chamber. The treasure is really a tomb. When the tomb is opened, 6 shadowy shapes leave it. The place begins to crumble.

Borath (Galen's son) appears and tells them they have been tricked. The souls were sealed there by Rhumas, Kuros' arch-mage. In order to recapture them, they will need to retrieve the Gauntlets of Mist from Ilmanor.

Grendel (now calling himself Blood Wulf) reaches Sallisa. Meets Trellis, the deer-centauress. Kills Dragon, Krag, and rescues Melania amd Tomas. Tomas is killed in the escape.

25th August Blood Wulf reaches village of deer-centaur village, De-Orila. He attacks the Troll cave, along with Trellis, and fights and slays Lamia the Golden (an ambassador of the Shadowmage). Whilst under the influence of one of her spells, he kills Trellis. Recaptures the stolen Totem, which is found to contain an artifact of great power. The artifact follows Blood-Wulf around.
26th August The Kerin'thia transport the group to Falasia. The group seperates. Auberon, Berunez and Shadow go to Ilmanor.

Steel and Mallis set off for the village, to tell Loria and the rest. They manage to get a ship to Kuinor.

Blood Wulf reaches Denara. Told to sek out Carlos, who can help him translate Lamia's letters.

27th August Blood Wulf reaches Carlos' house, and begins to translate the letters. He meets Leanna, Carlos' daughter. Gives her the magic artifact.
28th August Blood Wulf translates the letters. Carlos' house is attacked by Lord Vraxus and his men, as well as Dalamon. They have been following Wulf since his attack on Limia. They kidnap Leanna, and the artifact, and kill Carlos. Wulf rescues Leanna and the artifact from a forest cave. Dalamon is killed whilst channeling through the magical item.
30th August Auberon, Shadow and Berunez meet Blood-wulf and Leanna at the village of Kali. Travel through Riddle Caves to get to through Mountains.

Daenor attacks Rhutalath. Cuilim, Dumble, Teli and Gnollstone are sacked.

31st August Auberon and friends meet Children of Death (a group of Children tring to fight the Darklings). They attempt to train them. Shadow tells them how to get home safely.
1st September Auberon and friends save a farmhouse from destruction by the Daenorim. They are too late to save the farmer and son, but manage to rescue the daughter.
2nd September Battle of the North Expanse. The Rhutalathians are defeated at the battle.

Auberon and friends leave Rhutalath and enter Daenor.

3rd September Steel and Mallis arrive in Kuinor.

Ost-Firir Besieged.

6th September Auberon and friends see an Orcish village with Human slaves.
10th September Ost-Firir falls to the Daenorim.
12th September Steel and Mallis return to Muletre. Meet Boedwhin and Krink.
Deadeye, Aul, Boedwhin, Mallis, Krink and Steel attempt to break into the church to retrieve Steel's grappling hook. They are chased away.
Steel and Boedwhin have a 'romantic encounter.'
13th September Deadeye and Aul return to the village.
At night, Steel and Mallis successfully break into the church.
Boedwhin steels the brain of a murdered cutthroat, and gives it to Krink. They all flee the town, and return to the village.
14th September Mallis attempts to ask Loria out. He leaves at night, feeling rejected. Loria and Deadeye go looking for him.
Another encounter between Boedwhin and Steel in the village.

Berunez tames 'Melwen' the eagle.

15th September Deadeye catches up with Mallis. Tells him to return home. He and Loria get together.

Auberon and friends reach Ilmanor. Beseiged at farm by Orcs of the Mian blood-Claws. Rescued by Hrusso and his Outrangers. Taken to Ilman city of Realmsend. Berunez has sex with a Bringer, and an old woman. They are told to go to the Vaults of Trini, in Marnole.

16th September Mallis and Steel realize a mass army is gathering to attack the Elves of Krish-Mu. They begin an exodus of the elves. The army has been sent by the king of the Rhutalathians, who has been taken over by the Wraith.

Auberon and friends attacked by an Astom and two ogres.

17th September Mallis, Steel, Boedwhin and the rest of the Elves spend the night on some farms they hired form the owner.

Auberon and friends meet a messenger on his way to Malidor. He tells them that Ost-Firir has fallen, and the Rhutalathians are requesting help from Kuros.

18th September Auberon and friends reach Marnole. They pretend they are Daenorim, and send the Orcs north to Malidor. The slaves are sent back to Realmsend with Hrusso. They are told by an illusion of Halan to seek out Salasia.
20th September Mallis and the Elves reach the port of Raldo. They manage to steal a ship, and set off for Edhelnore.

Auberon and friends return to Relamsend for supplies, then set off for Salasia.

25th September Mallis and the Elves have an encounter with sirens. They lose a lot of elves to the sea, and are shipwrecked.. Treasures are found. They are rescued by an Elven ship.

Auberon and friends meet Ardadain border rangers

27th September Mallis and friends reach the port of Sharla, in Edhelnore.
7th October Auberon and group are attacked by Fire Giants
8th October Auberon and friends spend the night at the house of Linos, a prospector. Berunez rebuilds the stable.
9th October Mallis and his group reach Emynost, and a great feast is thrown in their honour.

Auberon and group reach Salasia. Berunez takes over the mind of the eagle Thurak, as well as the Seri-lin, Amylia. They are welcomed to the city, and told they can't leave. Large feast. Blood Wulf has sex with Amylia, the princess, and Berunez seduces six Salasian women. Berunez then sneaks into the Hall of the Twelve using invisibilty.

10th October Auberon and Shadow sneak into the Hall using robes of the Kadi-Mar. Auberon inadvertadly kills a Kadi. Blood Wulf and Leanna get in the Hall by pretending they're interested in joining. The group find the Gauntlets of mist, then escape via the Trade entrance. More guards are kiled on the way out. Berunez take sover another eagle to help them escape. Auberon uses the Gauntlet, and discovers the first wraith is in Cymuria.
2nd November Prospero's birthday. Party at Emynost. Steel takes Titta as his date. In retaliation, Boedwhin accompanies Prospero. Mallis accompanies Loria. Assassination attempt on Steel by the Blue Dragon clan. The assassin misses, and hits Lexus, rendering him unconcious. The group go in search of 'Eleniel's Tear,' the cure for the poison.
3rd November Prospero and friends find the herb, but is guarded Elora, the spirit of the Vale. Prospero tells her he will visit her every week, if she lets them have the herb. Later, Steel is attacked by a ninja, the assassin from Emynost. Steel kills him, but notes he has the same Blue Dragon tattoo on his arm. Lexus is cured by the herb. He tells them of a dream he had, in which his daughter is involved in the resurresction of Balzot. He sends them to Vancumar to capture or kill her.
4th Novemeber Blood Wulf and friends reach Cymuria.
5th November Kilmaren and his minions leave the Black Tower; they meet Edwin Morkis in Miasuri. Find out that the Malidorans are blocking the border. Set off to meet Rhianna, Queen of the Dragons.
6th November Prospero and friends reach Baer Gaelan, Galen's House. They enter the house and meet Canus, his brother. Canus gives them the Key of Kish'Mari, which will enable them to breach the Girdle of Gurbereth.

Kilmarien and minions reach Rhianna's fortress; she tells them to kill Luniker the Drake, and steal his treasure, and she will get them over the border. They succeed in doing so (after Kilmaren and Blog are body-swapped temporarily), and are flown by Somos the dragon towards the border.

Bloodwulf and Shadow contract the plague at Caermerddin. They meet Mordreut, who is planning to kill King Irlois. Bloodwulf and co. think that Irlois is the Wraith.

7th November Kilmarien and minions reach the border. They are blasted by Dwarves, using Kari-Dorum (magical eagle statues), and Somos is incinerated. The group land in a forest, where they are waylaid by Dwarves. They use the Kari-Dorum on the Dwarves, incinerating them. They then flee north.

Bloodwulf and friends reach the island of Ynus Abelli, where he is cured by the priestesses. Bloodwulf is told that he is the Fian'na, and will die before the quest is over. They reach Caer Bran, where the first wraith is hiding. They are captured and comdemned to death. However, they escape and kill the first Wraith, who is in the form of the Embrys, the king's Grand Vizier. They rescue Morgause and Ceriden, of Ynus Abelli.

8th November Bloodwulf and friends return Morgause and Ceriden to Ynus Abelli, where they are rewarded. They leave Cymuria.
14th December Prospero and friends reach the Malidoran border, and find the Dwarven survivors. General Kimli tells them their prey has gone north. They spend the night with the Dwarves. Boedwhin and Krink head to Tours-Marie for supplies.
15th December Prospero and friends hear that Tours-Marie has been besieged by Orcs (sent north by Blood Wulf). They head to save the town, and rescue Boedwhin. Boedwhin is killed on the walls, and Steel is captured. Auberon leads the army into battle, but the Vale spirit summons him, making him miss the event. Meanwhile, Mallis disguises his troops and attacks the city. After a breach has been made, Auberon returns, and the two capture the city. Blood-Wulf escapes, and kills the two rebels, Kern son of Dros, and Lorenzo Triviano. Krink picks up Boedwhin's body, and flees north.
16th December Steel is attacked by three ninjas.  Boedwhin trnasfers her soul into Krink, before being captured by a Malidoran named Jeantier.
17th December Bloodwulf and friends reach Caras Hindi. They find Krink in the lab of Jeantier. They are told by Prince Louhen to seek his spy, Letitia, at the whore-house. She tells them that Kuros' new mistress is the wraith. She secretly curses Bloodwulf with the BlackRot.
18th December Bloodwulf and friends attack the Orpalais in order to kill Kuros' mistress (really Zaria in disguise). Inside, they fight a group of adventurers (Puck, Crimson Bear, Mirage and Monkey-toes). discover that Kuros' mistress is not the wraith.
19th December Bloodwulf and friends slay the third wraith, Mera, who was disguised as Letitia the whore. Unknown to the group, she curses them with a DreamStalker.
21st December Kilmarien and his minions reach Zai-Muza in Drowzan. They are sent to stay with Orcs, where they meet Protheseus. Meanwhile Blog is taken over by the wraith, Vinazorn.
22nd December Vinazorn commands Kilmarien and his minions to capture the prophetess who is camped in a nearby village. They attack the village, and kidnap Sha'rina, who is put under their control. They are given the prophecy, and guided by Sha'rina, head off to make it come true. Shin'kara stays with Vinazorn.
2nd January Bloodwulf and friends stay in Mardieur where they meet Turin. turin joins the group. They begin to be plagued by dreams. Hired by Clovis and Antania to find their daughter. Attacked by 'imaginary' daemon. The heroes find the daughter, Francesca, who eloped with her lover.
3rd-6th January Shadow takes Bloodwlf and friends into the Dreamworld to find the Dream Daemon. They encounter all kinds of nightmares including Zardock and the Death queen. Eventually kill the demon and wake up. Whilst they have been asleep, Leanna has been impregnated and Auberon's sword was stolen, and he has been cursded with a black plague.
6th January Bloodwulf meets his past self, Grendel from a few years before, along with Maree and Mep. Mep steals Auberon's sword just before he 'awakens' (see above). Bloodwulf recieves a letter claiming that Maree is still alive and that he has a son.

Prospero et al escape from the Drowzan of Lug-Marr. Prospero and Mallis lead a combined army of Dwarves and Normearc against the Six-Spires. Prospero and Steel fight Blog (Vinazorn), and Prospero suffers magical burn-out. Steel captures Shinakara, and they escape.

7th January Grendel leaves the group, in search of Maree. Shadow follows after him.
9th January Eddie et al find the lost ruins of the Temple of Kemwe. They fight with Borath and manage to capture the Hammer of Kemwe.
14th January Auberon, Berunez and Leanna travel to Ilmanor in search of a healer. Meet Serini, who offers to help if they escort 2 Feanna to some ruins. The Feanna give Auberon and Berunez Alqan armour from the ruins, but the group is attacked by Eglanni. Later Serini cures Auberon with the Chalice of Melina. Auberon is completely healed, even his face- but cannot attack anyone except for Demons. They are captured by Zaria who offers to assist them, and gives them a Wraith Ring and a guide, Zantara.
20th January Prospero is being healed in Myons, Malidor. The Dwarven camp is attacked by Spider-Centaurs, and Steel kidnaps Shinkara in the confusion. Prospero and Mallis, having failed, return to Emynost via a portal. Lexus informs them that he has had a letter claiming Shinkara is dead. Miquala tells them Shinkara can't be killed, except by the Sword of Kuros. Investigation. Find out that Titta is working with a man, named Valal, to slay Shinkara.
21st January Prospero et al fight with Valal- he tells them he wanted Shinkara dead. He has sent Steel, with Shinkara, to Atlantea- Emperor Theos is expecting her, and will slay her with the Swod of Kuros. They depart for Shara.
22nd - 25th January Prosepro and friends reach Shara, and set sail upon ship 'The Ocean Noise.' People are being murdered by the Guardians of Essence. Prospero solves the murder. Sea-Krals attack ship, and the Guardians set fire to the Ocean Noise. Prospero, Mallis and Boedwhin are forced to abandon ship, and take a life-boat.
28th January Kilmarien, Eddie et al reach Angost, to retrieve the Sword of Light. They break into the temple of Eleniel, and find that the sword is already gone. A large fight ensues with clerics and guards. They are told, be a masked figure, that the sword has been siezed by The Golden Lady, and taken to Bar-Ailona.
29th January Eddie et al. reach Bar-Ailona, and find it under siege by the Ardanians. They sneak into the fortress, and fight the Golden Lady. They defeat her, and steal the Sword, but she re-incarnates, and escapes. Then the Ardanians breach the walls. Kilmarien and the others fight the Ardanians to escape.