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Salam left Pernia at his fathers bequest, to watch over his sister, leaving his mother and older brother behind. He was originally a member of the Jihana Warriors in Pernia, which is where he learnt how to fight. When Salam came to Mantos, he joined the army, in order to pay his way. His exotic fighting style was unheard of in Rhutalath, and he bettered many opponents. his skill, combined with his ingenious tactical mind, eventually earned him the rank of General. Salam is very well respected, and feared throughout   Rhutalath for his fighting prowess. Unlike Sharla, Salam refuses to be baptized, earning him the contempt of the Inquisition.

Salam is 6'1", and heavily built. He has long black hair, tied in a pony-tail, and a long moustache. Salam has written many books on leadership on tactics, and has trained with both the Landtamers and Mantaknights, become highly skilled as both.