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Upon fleeing from the destruction of Alqador, Halan led a host of nearly 2,000 refugess southward, including his wife and Mira, the sorceress The journey was difficult, and Halan was unsure of the destination. At nights Melina came to him in his dreams, and told him of a new land where the Alqans could rebuild their lives. Six years passed, and nearly half of the refugees died, either from exposure, plague, or Orcish attacks. Halan, convinced he had deluded himself, lost heart, and abandoned all hope of finding the promised land. Instead, he turned his party westwards, towards Ardadain. On the night of May 1st, the sacred day of Melina, he was rewarded for his toil. The great eagle, Thoria, spoke with Halan, and guided him to a magnificent valley, hidden deep in the Ered Glos, and untouched by man for a millenia. The valley was surrounded by mountains, with a hill in the centre, and a wide mountain river flowing through it. Halan, knowing he had at last found the promised land, built a large city in the valley. This city was named Salasia, after his beautiful wife.

The building of the city took, according to legend, a year and a day, and after its completion, Halan ascended Tur-Mela. It was here he was confronted by Melina herself, Goddess of love. For three days and nights Halan stayed atop the mountain, whilst Melina dictated her Teachings, the code which was to become Salasian law.

Salasia: The City

Salasia: The Surroundings


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