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Symbol- A red flame in a triangle

Prime Stats- RE/IN

Skills- The Servants get the following skills (note: this is instead of the first level development stage):


Weapon 1

Maths 3

Philosphy 2

Religion: Balzot 2

Stalk/Hide 2

Physics 3

Disguise 3

Lore 1       4

Lore 2       3

Lore 3       2

Language 1      5

Language 2      4

Magic Language: Balzi 3

Body Dev 1

Hobbies 2

Customary Garb- In battle, the Servants wear long black robes with orange trimmings, and the symbol of the Servants on their chests.

Special Requirements- Any man or elf, male of female can be admitted into the ranks. However, a character must have a RE of at least 70. Any spell-using profession can become a Servant. Mages are the most common.

Membership- All members must be loyal to the Shadowmage and Balzot.

Culture- The Servants of Lore are the war-mages of the Daenorim; often the main force in battle, the Servants attack with fire and darkness to decimate their enemy. They also act as the foreign intelligence for the Shadowmage, in contrast to the Black Fang, who are the internal intelligence. The Servants have one main base of operation in Daenor, The Great Hall, located in the city of Miru. The Great Hall is both the main administrative building, and the academy. When out of Deanor (which is most of the time), the Servants establish other bases, usually well-hidden and centrally-located.

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Benefits- The Servants are amongst the Shadowmage's favoured troops, and as such are an elite force. Most Servants spend most of their time in foreign nations.

Restrictions- Anyone who shows a spark of power at birth can be admitted into the Servants. They must then attend three years at the College of Lore and pass a gruelling test.

Structure- The Servants of Lore are lead by the current Loremaster, Miassma, a dark elf. The ranks are as follows:


Acolyte (pupil)





A Daenorim who finishes his studies becomes a Savant, and spends most of his/her time at the Great Hall, studying and learning more magic. Occassionally, every savant is sent on an intelligence mission within Daenor, to prove himself. He sometimes accompanies a group of Black Fangs. Once this is successful, he is promoted to Lord, and sent to one of the foreign bases, to be commanded by a master. These groups usually consist of four or five lords and a master.

A promotion to Master is usually achieved by outstanding duty, and a letter of recommendation to the Loremaster. The newly promoted Master is then given a new assignment and a group of Lords to command. The Loremaster is chosen by the Shadow-mage.

When in battle, the Master's lead the Lords and Savants into battle. Masters generally have Orange collars, whilst the Loremaster has red. Savants and Lords are not differentiated in battle.

Philosophy/Purpose- The Servants of Lore are the intelligence network of the Shadowmage. Their is usually a group in every capital city in the Empire, as well as some of the other important cities. Once established, the Servants will set-up members in important places, in royal palaces and temples, etc. The Master will usually remain at the base, compiling information, whereas the lords will go out and about. The most senior Lord will act as a go-between, often flying to Daenor to relate important findings. Sometimes, the Servants are instructed to act upon their findings, which usually involves murder or some other foul play.

A Base is usually a small haven, disguised to the general public. Often Servants will open inns or brothels, to blend into the surrounding town, and to gather gossip. Despite their subtlety, the Servants will think nothing of killing for information. The often hide a group of Shadow Claws within their walls.

When in battle, the Servants often stand at the back of the battle, hurling fireballs into the approaching army. The Servants do not get on well with the Black Fang, who they feel are both manipulative and unprofessional.


All Shadowmage lists, Mana Fires

Sacred Days- The Servants have no real sacred days, merely observing the Black Fang holy days. However, June 1st is the official graduation day for the Great Hall.

Talent Points-

Promotion (Lord)= 10

Promotion (Master)= 20 (includes Haven)

+2 Spell Adder= 15

x2 PP = 15

Magic Weapon (+10)= 30

'Advisor' to a lord or king= 30