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The Shaku are the main inhabitants of Daenor, and are the main fighting force of the Shadowmage.


The Shaku, like all Orcs, were bred thousands of years ago in the Pits of Balzot. The Shaku are those Orcs bred by the Shadowmage, in the deeps of Daenor. Subjecated by the Shadowmage and his minions, the Shaku expanded north from Daenor, and conquered the lands of the Blessed.


The Shaku have no real power of their own; most serve as fodder and slaves for the higher Dark Powers. Within Shaku society, only the strong have any power. The leader or an Orc warband is the toughest and strongest Orc, not necessarily the most intelligent. Most Orcs willingly bow to anyone more powerful than them; Trolls, Ogres and many other vile spawn are frequently found in charge of a band.


The Shaku have no social order as such; all orc males are warriors, and all females are used for whelping. Very few Orcs enjoy any other kind of profession, though a few manage to become smiths. The strongest Shaku males have the most access to the whelping pits, and the weak usually die quite early on. Orcs were bred and live for combat, and have no interest in any other aspect of society. Only High-Shaku, such as Grey and Black Orcs ever reach positions of real power in the ranks. A group of about 100 Orcs makes a warband, usually with fearsome names like 'Skull-eaters.' A particularly strong warlord can unite many warbands together.


Every male Shaku is a warrior, and as such the entire culture is a standing army. Leaders of small bands are usually strong Shaku, with High-Shaku (Grey, Black and Vard) commanding the larger warbands. Other creatures, like humans, Drowzan and demons frequenlty command the hosts.


Most Orcs do not possess any money, and that which they own is usually stolen from victims, or weaker Shaku. Whilst Daenor does mint its own coins, very little is in circulation amongst the Shaku, who prefer to just steal what they need.


The Shaku are darker than most Orcs, possessing very dark to black skin, as well as large red eyes. The Shadowmage bred them to look more fearsome than other Orcs, though they still possess very limited intellect. The Orcs are usually devoid of hair, and wear what little armour they can get their hands on. The strongest Shaku usually have the best armour and weapons, as they steal it from the weaker ones.


The Daenor Shaku usually live underground, in giant cave complexes or warrens. These caves are usually filthy places, and carved with little or no planning. Barracks, brothels, weaning caves, arenas, torture chambers; all rooms are added as necessary, and the Shaku care very little if the cesspit is located in the same cave as the larder. Many of the Shaku tribes also control the watchtowers and citadels of Daenor- the Shaku have very few needs, and make perfect guards. Of course, the Shadowmage finds it necessary to put these orcs under the command of a more intelligent individual, such as a Drowzan or Morrim.


Shaku will eat whatever they can get their hands on; usually they settle for fungus or rats, and other small creatures; when pressured, a Shaku wouldn't think twice about eating a human, elf or even another Orc.


The Shaku are taught to worship only a handful of deities. First and foremost is Kish'ana (O. He who brings Pain), which is the Orcish name for the Shadowmage. They also worship Van'cushi (the Death Queen) and Balzot.





ST: +5

CO: +10

QU: 0

AG: 0

PR: 0

SD: -10

IN: -10

ME: -10

EM: -10

RE: -5

LU: -10

APP: -10




Body Dev 2

Weapon 1 3

Weapon 2 2

Perception: Smell 1

Brawling 2

Ambush 2

Hunting 2

Religion: Gurbereth 1

Scrounge 2

MIA: Chain 3

Looting 1

Language: Orcish 7

Background Pts. 40