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The current leader of the Cult of the Moon, Sharla Lunilia has both a bewitching and menacing presence. Sharla is the daughter of the previous High Priestess, and was born as the result of a Great Moon rite, in which her mother fell pregnant. Who her father was Sharla doesn't know, but he was killed moments after the great Rite.

Sharla is an avid and pious Cult member, and is determined to spread the religion. She believes that the time is right for expansion, and that the Rhutalathians are growing weary of their dreary and monotheistic religion. She plans a large Coup soon, in which the Cult will seize power. She is beloved by her followers, who see is as a deity, and will follow her every command. Her magical birth, they say, is proof she is destined for great things.

Sharla is an exceptional beauty, blessed by Ithiliel. Her long hair is almost silver in colour, and her eyes are grey, and sparkle like the moon. Although only 26, she is already revered as the greatest of Cult leaders, and is never short of male 'volunteers' for the great rites.