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The daughter of Amelis, and the mortal king Massius, Shianna remained behind in Dian after her mother's departure. Her idea was to persuade Crown-Lord Kiani to take action, but when that failed, she began to take action of her own. Feeling a kinship with the troubled Ilmani, Shianna gathered what supporters she could, and went north to establish a community dedicated to the helping the Blessed. Her gathering was not as large as she would have liked, and her community ended up being reduced to a small cadre. Ever determined, Shianna named her cadre 'the Feanna,' and began to train them in the laws of woodcraft, and the ranger skills her mother had taught her. Within a few decades, Shianna had a strong and skilled group. As the Feanna had more and more victories against the Orcs, her numbers increased. Now, with a force of nearly 1000, Shianna is planning a major coup against the Shadow. What this coup is, only she knows, but the Feanna are confident it will mark the end of the Daenorrim. In order to improve her numbers, Shianna has sent out emissaries to many of the other countries, there to gather support for the Feanna. Should this succeed, Shianna may well be in charge of a substantial army.