child_m.gif (3208 bytes)haku sh'rmauk-End

These Shaku are the elite cadre of the Orcish forces, and have honed their natural Orcish fighting ability and ferocity, and made themselves into fighters unmatched by most other fighters. Frenzied and insane, they imbide Sh'rmi mushrooms before a battle, powerful narcotics which increase strength and speed in the Orc, and reduce its reason. The Sh'rmauk-end are normally sent into battle first, as they are unable to differentiate between friend and foe in their frenzied states. Fortunately, the effects wear off after an hour or so, meaning the Orcs usually calm down before their own troops have to kill them.


Weapon 1 4

Weapon 2 3

Body Development 3

Rigid Leather 5

Frenzy 3

Stunned Man. 3

Two-handed Combo 4

Hobbies 10