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The Siena Dancers have been around almost as long as Rhutalath. All female, the Siena dancers are both provocative and enticing. The origins of the dance are unclear, though it is suggested that it was learned from the Ursani Morrim, before that people were subdued.

Siena dancers are not only exotic dancers, they are also trained, as tradition demands, in combat and acrobatics. Long ago, the Siena were Rhutalathian warriors, although nowadays, their combat skills are incorporated into their dance routines. Scantily clad, highly tattooed, and always beautiful, siena women are highly sought after by men, and when-ever a show is on, the venues are always packed. The main Siena guild is located in Karik, and young girls compete aggressively for the limited places.

Officially, the Inquisition frowns on such blatantly sexual displays. Unofficially, however, they recruit several Siena for their own purposes. Their seductive powers, and their skill with weapons makes them ideal intelligence agents for the Inquisition.



Dancing 5

Seduction 5

Acrobatics 4

Longsword 3

Dagger 3

Body Development 2

Stalk/Hide 1

Conceal Weapon 2

Ambush 3

Tumbling 2

Contortions 1

Body-Art 2

+10 Agility Bonus

+10 Presence Bonus

Must forsake 1 level. In addition, must be female and have appearance of at least 80.