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SYMBOL- A green gem on a white field.


Cassa Silmir, Duchess of Silmiran
Cassa's husband, Kelvinn, was killed by Berric Malen in a dispute, and thus found herself ruler of the duchy.
She now hates the Malen's with a passion and there is constant fighting between Malenor and Silmiran.
Cassa is constantly flloded with offers of marriage, as whoever wins her heart also gets her land, but she loved kelvinn to much to remarry. It seems that Silmiran will be left without a heir. Her neighbouring lands are preparing for her death, and many assassination attempts have already failed.
Cassa is the founder of a cult which worships the moon goddess. Her cult meets at a grove behind her house every full moon. Many people consider her a crackpot.
Cassa has hired a group of Heinians to protect her, and it is rumoured she has named one of them her heir.

RACE- High Woman
AGE- 42