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OTHER NAMES: Sinda, One of the Sharyar, Disciple of Lexus, High Priestess of Eleniel

HOME: The High Temple in Angost, Ardadain

‘BORN:’ 26th March, 1472

AGE: 4 (as Sharya)


RACE: Sharya

PROFESSION: Astrologer/ Cleric

Strength 95
Quickness 86
Presence 100
Intuition 100
Empathy 99
Constitution 88
Agility 89
Self-Discipline 86
Memory 74
Reasoning 68
Appearance 101


Weapon : Longsword 160
Weapon: Longbow 120
MIA: Chain 158
Tumbling Evasion 88
Weapon: Staff 143
Channeling 210
Linguistics 95
Flying/ Gliding 150
MA: Sweeps III 139
Meditation: Cleansing 94
Power Projection 85
Gimmickry 82
Silent Kill 85
Keyed Spells 71
Tumbling: Evasion 88
Administration 120
Religion: Eleniel 185
Symbol Lore 135
Leadership 110
Metal Lore 74
Trap-Building 25



All Cleric Lists
All Astrologist Lists
Light Law- 50th Level
Light Forms- 50th Level
Light Mastery- 50th Level
Light Molding- 50th Level
Protections- 50th Level
All Closed Channeling Lists
All Open Channeling Lists
Varda’s Powers (Channeling)- 50th Level
Illusion Mastery (Essence)- 50th Level

LANGUAGES: Sharya 7, Ardanian 7, Parzifan 10, Laradorn 7, Atlantean 10

PP: 186 HITS: 175

AT: 12 DB: 25


SPECIAL: Sharya: Can fly. All strikes are Holy. Can Manipulate the spells on Varda’s List at will, no PPs needed.

Disarm Skill- As the Background Option.

Once a day Sindara can create an intense light around herself (20’ radius). All in the area must make an RR or take a C Radiation critical and an A Shock.

High Priestess of the Starlords.



Sharya Blade- +25 holy longsword. x3 damage. Does slaying criticals on any follower of Balzot. +5 Spell Adder, x2 PP. Does Additional Electrical Criticals. Artifact.

Bow of Light- Arrow of light is created when string is drawn- endless supply. Each Arrow is slaying and holy, and does additional Electrical and Impact criticals of –2 severity. Bow is +25. Artifact.

Staff of the High Priestess- +5 Spell Adder, x2 pp multiplier. +50 to spell-casting for all Light spells.


HOLY REGALIA: In times of strife, Sindara has access to all the Holy Regalia of the Starlords:

Daerist- Holy Longsword. +50, x3 damage. Does slaying criticals on any follower of Balzot. Can immolate at will, doing additional Radiation critical. Glows in the presence of evil. Can fire lightening bolts 10x day, at +50. Artifact.

Sinaram- Holy Shield. +50 DB. Any spell directed at wielder must make an RR or be reflected back at caster. +50 RR to all elemental attacks. Artifact.

Kalang- Holy Gauntlets. Adds +50 to MA attacks. Wearer can never fumble. Can immolate, causing heat criticals on any target of a grapple/MA/Brawling attack. Each is a +2 Spell Adder. Adds +15 to wearer’s strength bonus, and +20 to OB. Artifact.

Vanatul- Holy Cuirass. Made of a mithril/ gold alloy, it acts as AT20, but encumbers as 10. +50 to DB. Armour adds +80 to an Essence RR rolls. Can cast spells form Holy Shields spell-ist at will. Artifact.

Elduin- Holy Mantle. Adds +60 to Stalk/ Hide, and +50 to RRs against all elemental attacks. When worn, +40 to PR bonus. Wearer can cast spells from Long Door at will. Artifact.

Giladol- Holy Helm. Adds +50 to Perception. X7 PP Multiplier. +50 to Missile Obs. Wearer has +50 RR to all Mentalism attacks. Artifact.

BACKGROUND: Sindara, like Kalina, was created at the same time as Lexus, and serves as one of his sharya. She was created from the corpse of Bethin, a Laradoran princess. Like Kalina she was present throughout Lexus’s early adventures, though she survived the attack which killed Kalina.

Sindara helped Lexus to save the high Temple of the Starlords from the demons who had occupied it. Unfortunately the original High Priestess was killed in the assault, and so Sindara took over the role. A powerful being indeed, most of the Starlords think of her as an angelic being, and worship her, following her orders religiously. She occasionally leaves the temple to help Lexus in his attempts to purge Pandarat, and has helped to train the new Anna Sila.