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The Skyrangers (Melina'rana) are the hunter/gatherers of the Blessed. They risk their lives in the Overrealm, avoiding Skypawn in order to obtain food for the Ilman. Their frequent excursions mean they spend much more time above the ground than in the grottoes. They are fierce warriors, and excellent survivors. Their job gains them respect from the Blessed, but also a little fear; anybody who ventures to the Skyland must be foolishly brave, and maybe a little insane. Despite this, they are a valuable asset to the cultures, and have been around as long as the Netherrealm.

The Skyrangers have a few temporary bases in the Overrealm, usually in caves or forests. Occasionally, a group of Rangers will take up residence in one of the Ilman Outlanders' homes, as it is those farms which are one of the Rangers' main sources of food. Rangers are always on the move, and switch from resting in the grottoes, to staying in their temporary bases. Usually, each Ranger group has a designated 'Foraging' area, an area of land they hunt, gather and trade in.

Many of the Rangers have access to gonnes, given to them by the Malidorans. These gonnes are a valuable weapon to the Rangers, and help protect them against all manner of Skyspawn. Unfortunately, since Kuros' usurpsion of the Malidoran throne, his isolationist policies have meant no further gonnes are traded to the Rangers. The current leaderof the skyrangers isHrusso One-Eye.

Prime Hunter: The Prime hunter is responsible for the hunting of game and herd-animals. This is accomplished by the use of long bows and Black-Fire bows (Gonnes). The Prime Hunter is usually an excellent marksman, and is trained at killing Skyspawn, such as Orcs and Arim.


Gonne 3

Longbow 3

Spear 2

Dagger 1

Tracking 2

Read Tracks 2

Fauna Lore 3

Nature's Awareness 3

Trap-Building 2

Sniping 3

Stalk/hide 2

Region Lore 2

Animal Herding 2

Signalling 2

Skinning 2

Prime Forager: Usually female, the Prime Forager is an expert in plants, fungi and herbs. She is also doubles up as a recon scout, and a thief.


Shortsword 3

Dagger 1

Shortbow 1

Herb Lore 3

Flora Lore 3

Foraging 4

Tracking 3

Read Tracks 3

Surveillance 2

Stalk/hide 3

Signalling 3

Region Lore 2

Climbing 2

Scrounge 2

Outguards: The Outguards act as fighters and warriors for the Squad, as well as doubling up as hunters and foragers


Broadsword 4

Dagger 2

Shortbow 2

MIA: Soft Leather 2

Flora Lore 2

Fauna Lore 2

Tracking 2

Signalling 2

Orc Lore 3

Region Lore 2

Stalk/Hide 1

Ambush 3

Foraging 2

Skinning 2

Cookery 2

Out-Ranger: The Out-Ranger serves as the leader of the group, and is responsible for mission acceptance, and money handling.

Th Outranger chooses one of the other templates (Prime Hunter, Prime Forager or Outguard), and gets the following in addition:


Leadership 3

Tactics 3

Orc Lore 3

Broadsword 2

Diplomacy 2

Looting 2