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OTHER NAMES: Tetsu Darkblade, The Phoenix

HOME: Ogowa, Shintai


AGE: ?


RACE: Shintan


Strength 86
Quickness 82
Presence 42
Intuition 65
Empathy 46
Constitution 86
Agility 94
Self-Discipline 90
Memory 25
Reasoning 77
Appearance 65


Weapon : Ninjato 115
Weapon: Shuriken 114
MA: Ninjitsu 115
Perception 90
Weapon: Ninja Bow 114
Acrobatics 115
Grappling Hook 116
Iai 75
Meditation: Healing 65
Meditation: Cleansing 65
Pick Pockets 88
Poison Lore 65
Poison Perception 85
Sense Ambush/ Assassin 87
Silent Kill 128
SMA: Phoenix Claw 111
Ko-Ashi 112
Koppojutsu 114
Koshijutsu 108
Kuji-In 74
Yoko-Aruki 78
Shiken-Ken 118
Rope-Mastery 77
Climbing 116
Stalk/ Hide 104

LANGUAGES: Shintai 7, Parzifan 7

PP: 0 HITS: 154

AT: 1 DB: 20

SPECIAL: No Shadow.



Sword of Drahl- Magic Ninjato. + 25 OB, x2 Damage. Wielder has AT of 15. Bearer can steal one skill of a person killed by the sword. The sword is only able to store one skill.


BACKGROUND: Little is known of Steel’s background. He accompanied Valkrist and Berunez through the Riddle Caves, but fell off a high ledge and got amnesia. He knows nothing of his past, and has joined the Wraith Quest, to try and learn about his history. Even his name, Steel, is a fabrication, as his real name is unknown to him or his companions.

Although he has no memory of his former life, he is being hunted by ninjas, all of whom have a tattoo of a blue dragon on their right arm, like Steel.

The Rash’ana, the Intelligence Group working for the Death-Queen and the Shadowmage, have managed to piece a bit of information about him. The facts they know are as follow:

Most of this is unknown to Steel, and little else can be discerned about him, as he has made an oath never to remove his mask. Steel is unaware of his allegiance with the Death-Queen, and has even helped Prospero and Mallis to capture Shinkara, her heir.