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Founded thirty years ago by the War-troll, Gorbo Stone-fist, the Stone-Fists are a cadre of immensely strong troops. Originally founded to patrol the Ered Norsa, and guard the passes from the troublesome Giants, the Stone-Fists consists of just War-Trolls and Ogres. There are currently nearly two hundred of them, scattered throughout various forts in the Ered Norsa.

Lead by Captain Grobo, son of Gorbo, the Stone-Fists are a highly disciplined and surprisingly 'clever' group. They still patrol the Mountains, keeping giants at bay, but nowadays they fight on battlefields as well- acting as the vanguard in many attacks. Entry into the Cadre is strict, and only Ogres and Trolls of a certain mental aptitude will be accepted. Grobo also promotes readily, and discourages squabbling, leading to companionship amongst the troops. Their favoured weapons are axes and slings. No self-respecting Stone-Fist would be caught wielding a club!


Axe/Mace 5

Sling 3

Armour: Plate 6

Body Dev. 5

Other Weapon 2

TA: Mountains 2

Region Lore: Ered Norsa 3

Giant Lore 2

Tracking 1

Stalk/hide 1

Set Traps 1

Tactics 1

Hobbies 2

Must Forsake 1 levels.