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Stool is an Orc, raised amongst the Argani as their own. His parentage is unknown. The Sylvani of Tauron attacked and destroyed an Orcish raiding party on the western eaves, near Daenor. Only a Orc whelp survived, of no more than a year old. The Sylvani took pity on him. They took the whelp to Edhelnore where they knew Lady Parmala was studying Orc-kind and their origins. They sold the whelp to her for a few gold pieces.

Lady Parmala at first studied the Orc as little more than a test-subject. However, as he grew he started to converse in the Elven tongue, and began to show an appreciation for beauty and song, as all Elves do. The Orc endeared himself to her, and she began to raise him as a son, along with her own daughter Miquala. She named the Orc Stulmar, though the other Elves nicknamed him Stool.

As he grew older, he showed little interest in joining the Cor Noli like his mother and sister. He spent his time writing rudimentary poetry, which wasn’t generally well-received. He also practiced with swordplay a lot. He unofficially acted as Miquala's bodyguard, protecting her on her journeys.

During Miquala’s expedition to Daenor, he lost track of her. In order to survive he went undercover, and joined the Daenorrim Orcs. For three years he stayed with them, and even worked his way to second in command of the Red Tusks of Udum. In the end, he slew the leader and escaped back to Edhelnore with the entire details of the Shadowmage’s military strength and invasion plans. Despite his unwillingness to join the Cor Noli he had nevertheless proved himself an excellent intelligence-gatherer.

Eventually, Stool joined the Elven Army, where he could indulge in his love of swordplay whenever he wanted. He eventually worked his way to Captain. Despite rocky beginnings he is one of General Auberon’s most trusted men, and is in charge of the Heavy Infantry. He is also one of Auberon's only friends.

Despite his origin Stool is more Elf than Orc, listening to Elvish music and frequently quoting Elvish poetry. Despite this he is loud, like his kin, and is fond of fighting, wenching and beer. Because of this, he has never truly been accepted by the Argani. Stool is completely loyal to his sister Miquala, and loves her as if she was his own blood. He protects her fiercely, and takes any slight against her personally.