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of Dhinar

Massilla van Streissberg, Countess of Dhinar
The only daughter of Dieter van Streissberg, Massilla took over the court of Dinar 13 years ago following the death of her father in Firnor. Her mother, Drumora, had died several years earlier in a bandit attack.

Massilla enjoyed a happy childhood, visiting often the the villages of the Woodmen, and the Cymric courts. Her mother was formerly a high clanswoman of the Tauronic Woodmen, and she took Massilla on many of her return visits. Educated in the way of wood-lore and beast mastery, Massilla quickly became a master ranger.

Two years ago, a man appeared at Castle Dhinara, claiming to be an ambassador from Normearc, on his way to the King's court. Ever a kindly woman, Massilla let him into her house, and gave him shelter. That night he snuck into her chambers and bit her. The man was really a vampiric agent of the Black Fang. Since then, Massilla has been a vampire, and she plots to otherthrow both Mausolus and the Regent, and become Queen of the north. She is as yet unaware that there are other vampires in positions of power in Crebainia. She is currently courting Nyle Koenar, whom she plans to make a Vampire, and her husband!

RACE- Vampire
AGE- 33