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The Years of Twilight


56 The two lightgivers, Galen and Grimbold, discover Vanacuiel, hidden in Vinor.
80 The Third Great Alliance. Vanacuiel is defeated. Siege of Iaur Angudum begins.
115 Angolians war against Morrim
119 The Morrim are defeated. They flee South.
125 Arandor is founded in North Pacifica.
263 Jenorians found the island-continent of Atlantea. They enslave the native Mheara.
270 All Arandor, except Ronador, who refuses, becomes part of the Atlantaen Empire.
271 Ronador becomes Rhutalath.
273-886 Many overseas colonies are founded by Atlantea, especially in the west and south.
285 War between Arandor and the Arachnemancer.
463 The great King Ardim dies.
465 Arandor is split into Ardadain, Pandarat, Alqador and Fornarda. The four kingdoms war.
527 Ardadain is attacked by the Morrim. The Morrim gain a lot of Ardadainian land.
564 Fornarda and Ardadain unite against Pandarat.
566 King Tarmet of Pandarat is slain. The realm is reduced to petty civil wars.
607 Vanacuiel escapes the siege. The Elven King, Calenalda, is slain tring to stop her.
608 Alqador and Tauron try to impose peace on Ardadain and Fornarda.
610 Fornarda attacks Tauron and Alqador. Many Elves are killed, and Tauron declares neutrality. Alqador drives the Fornardans back.
652 Pandarat becomes Vancumar.
668 All realms unite against Vancumar. First Dark War.
671 Ardadain is defeated and loses more land. Uneasy peace.
674 King Arman builds the Great Border-Wall.
723-760 Great gold deposits found under the Ered Salqe, in Fornarda, by Kizli the Dwarf. Many Dwarves migrate there from Ered Orossea. Dwarron is more or less abandones. New Dwarf cities are built.
760 Fornarda becomes Malidor, the richest country in Gaiana.
890 Daenor founded by Yamaile. Alqador is refused help by the other realms.
899 Alqador is destroyed and becomes Ilmanor. Many men flee to Ardadain and Malidor.
900-904 Various petty realms founded in Ilmanor.
902 The Holy Lands are discovered in the Far East.
904 The Elves of Edhelnore give up the Holy Lands.
916 The First Holy War.
943 The Grey Religion captures the Holy Waters. They are besieged by the other religions.
1004 Ardadain attacked by the Morrim. the Morrim are defeated.
1025 The Necromancer appears in northern Tauron. Undead attack eastern Malidor.
1027 The Grey Religion aided by Daenor. The siege is broken.
1196 Daenor attacks Ardadain. The Necromancer attacks Malidor. Second Dark War.
1201 Halan, of Ilmanor, founds the hidden city of Salasia. Many refugees migrate there.
1218 Salasia becomes an ally of Ardadain.
1256 Deacon Whitwin is assassinated by a priest. There is a revolt in The Holy Lands by the other religions. Second Holy War.
1304 The Gonne is invented by Bachar, a Malidoran alchemist.
1378 Third Dark War. Daenor attacks Ardadain. King Arluin is slain by Snotbag the Black Troll. A host from Salasia helps defeat the Daenorim.
1403 Civil war in Rhutalath between the Elf-friends and the Faithful.
1411 King Vanhir of Rhutalath is slain by Angabor, leader of the Inquisition. The king's son is hidden from him.
1454 Ardadain attacked by the Morrim. They are helped by the Neanderthals of the Wildlands.
1463 Revolt in Malidor against the king.
1464 Third Holy War.
1470 The White Religion gains The Holy Waters.
1472- Current Quest for the Sword, and Later Events