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The Sylvani Elves are the original inhabitants of Edhelnore; when the Argani arrived they resisted the invasion, but eventually they were conquered. Most were driven out, and fled to their kindred in Tauron. The others repented, and bowed their knees to king Caledor.

Originally the Wood-Elves were rustic, living in lats in the trees, and mainly using wood and leather. Metal was strange to them, and they hunted with stone spears, only occasionally adding steel to their weapons. They had the knowledge of smithing and of building with stone, but they didn’t have the inclination- they enjoyed their simple lives.

Unfortunately, the customs of the Sylvani in Edhelnore have almost been completely assimilated by the Argani. Upon surrendering most were adopted to great houses, and forced to live the same lives as the High Elves. They interbred with the High Elves, and their children were raised as them, and now they have almost ceased to be a separate culture.

The only evidence of their separate culture is in the occasional individual with sandy or red hair, and in the green clothing that Edhelnore has adopted as a mark of respect. A few of the customs survive amongst the Neldor, particularly the love of woodcraft- but even they have mingled with the culture of the High Elves.

Despite this, pure Sylvani still exist within Edhelnore, either older individuals, or offspring of two pure wood Elves. They are generally looked down upon in Edhelnore society, so most try their best to fit in. Others, as a show of defiance, wear the clothing of their ancestors, and run away to live in the forests. This is generally short-lived, however, and they soon get bored of their solitary lifestyle and return home, or head west to Tauron.



ST: 0

CO: 0

QU: 5

AG: 10

PR: 0

SD: -10

IN: 0

ME: 5

EM: 5

RE: 0

LU: 0

APP: 5

NB: Use the above stats for pure Sylvani only. For adolescent skills, use the same as the Argani, as the Sylvani no longer possess their own culture.

For information on true Sylvani, see TAURON THE GREAT