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Teclis is the current prelate of the Kadi-Mar, and has been for 20 years. Teclis entered the society at the age of 18, after proving a disappointment to his parents in military training. Determined to make them proud, he immersed himself deep in his studies. Teclis was philosophical and intelligent, and spent most of his days theorizing with himself at the Fountain of Scholars, in the Halls. He was dubbed by his teachers Teclis of the Fountain.

Teclis, as a Kadi-rim, managed to translate an old Alqadoran grimoir, revealing the construction of enchanted automatons. He spent the next 8 years building one of these creatures, a large humanoid construct known as Sallis. The creature was not perfect, and only understood simple commands, but it was nevertheless a break through. However, many of his teachers wondered about the inherent destructive abilities of Sallis, and he was threatened with expulsion. He fought the decision, and the debate lasted for four months, before he was allowed to continue his research.

Upon reaching the rank of Mari, Teclis began work on an improved version of Sallis. The work took four years, and used his own techniques, but the finished result was a female automaton, of advanced mental faculties, named Rianna (after his mother). Rianna, made entirely of ebony, and animated by magic, looked almost human, and had a distinct personality. It was this work which gained him the rank of prelate.

Teclis is a wise old man, and kind to his students. Unlike former prelates, Teclis encourages even the most far-out theories, and takes a special interest in many of his students. Sallis has been put to work in the library of the Hall, and is occassionally used in lectures. Rianna remains in the home of Teclis, and he frequently discusses theories with her. The students joke that their is a little more to their relationship, but Teclis just smiles and ignores them.

Teclis is a tall man, with a short white beard, and eyes which reflect his deepest thoughts and feelings.