child_t.gif (3413 bytes)ountain Templars

The Mountain Templars are really a group of Warrior Monks who make their home in a monastary in the Ered Glos, near to the Riddle Caves. Although originally a peaceful group of hermits, in the past century they have become much more martial. Trained by a new initiate from Shankaii, 90 years ago, the Monks have become skilled in martial arts and weapon use. Although still peaceful in nature, the Monks spend three hours every day training vigorously, in between their meditations.

The Monks originally built their monastary close to the Riddle Caves, an Ursani holy site, to discover its mystical secrets, as well as purify its heathen past. Now, they act as its guardians, regularly patrollings its surroundings and its caverns, and keeping trespassers and looters away from its sacred chambers. A few of the higher ranking monks have begun mapping its interior, although it may take centuries to fully complete- many have even fallen foul of its traps and illusions.

As well as guarding the Riddle Caves, the Templars also patrol the mountain passes, ensuring safety for all those travelling from the southern counties to Ost-Firir. They keep the roads free of brigands as well as warning of avalanches and other problems. They even offer accommodation for those weary or in need of aid. Their hospitality is always appreciated, more so because of their famous Glosforto, a strong liqueur which the monks produce, and which takes 50 years to reach perfection.



Staff 2

Martial Arts (Sweep) 4

Caving 1

Region Lore: Ered Glos 5

Brewing 2

Body Development 3

Religion:Khanusan 5

Calligraphy 2

Meditaiton 3

MIA: Soft Leather 5

MIA: Chain 2

History 2

Astronomy 1

1 Lore 2

+10 AG

Talent Points:

Barrel of Glosforto 0

Book of Lore 10

Minor Artifact from Riddle Caves 20

Major Artifact from Riddle Caves 50

Must Forsake 1 level.