child_m.gif (3208 bytes)iwrak, Lord of Eagles

Thiwrak is descended from Thoria, the great Eagle who led Halan to the Dolen Vale hundreds of years ago. In addition, he is believed to be a direct descendent of Shoma, Melina's faithful eagle-companion. Thiwrak is a large eagle, bigger than most of his kind, and dwells atop the great peak of Lo-Cara. He is thirty-five years old, aged for an eagle, and is wise beyond his years. Although he likes the Salasians, and the Seri-lin, he has nevertheless refused to be bonded. Thiwrak enjoys the freedom. He enjoys a good relationship with Princess Emylia however, and does his best to aid her. The affairs of humans have always been fascinatin to Thiwrak, and he often sends other eagles abroad to bring back news to the Seri-Lin.