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Duchess of Kanora


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Tiana Galenor is an Ardanian, the daughter of the Duke of Galenor. She was given to the Sovereign, Zamerigo Jiego as a wife, to cement the friendship between the two peoples. Although at first Tiana did her duty reluctantly, she slowly began to love her new role as Queen. Embracing Khanusan, she repented her sins, and forsook Eleniel and the other Toltoni. Although she does not love Zamerigo, she nevertheless respects him, and always put his interests first. Tiana acts as the mouth of Zamerigo, as he rarely likes to receive petitioners. She also runs the day to day tasks of the Kingdom, such as trade and law disputes, which the King himself finds so distasteful. Whilst Zamerigo is away, at war or on ceremonial duties, Tiana takes care of all his business, and assumes the role of Sovereign. She has taken to her new role well, and loves the power she has achieved.

Tiana is well-loved by her people. Although power-hungry, she is also a diplomat, and the people feel she really cares about them, and is beloved by them. She is currently trying to convince the King and the Pope to allow females into the Priesthood, citing the effectiveness of the Priestesses of Eleniel; however, so far she has had little luck.

Tiana is a tall woman, of only 19 summers. She is beautiful and well-mannered, as befits a King’s Wife. She is considered exotic to the Rhutalathians, due to her think red hair and pale skin, a rarity amongst the dark people of the Kingdom of Faith.