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Lady Tigraine was originally born in Malidor, the daughter of the king's cousin. Captured in a raid at the age of four, she was destined to be sacrificed to Balzot in the Eternal Flame. However, the Black Fang saw in her the stirrings of evil, and a black heart, and decided to experiment with her. As a child they abused her, and confined her, and made her suffer. She would be tortured and starved, and whipped. She was also told her people had abandoned her, and it was all her fault. Tigraine grew up to be a solemn and bitter woman, incapable of happiness and joy, and filled with an obsessive hatred of Malidor, and Ardadain, and the other free peoples. Despite her punishment at the hands of the Black Fang, her brain-washing convinced her that they were her salvation, readying her for revenge. She refused to join the Black Fang however, wanting to be in a position where she could gain revenge on the hated Malidorans. At first she joined the Servants, learning black magic of suffering and torment. She then joined the Bane, using her position to kill and destroy Malidoran nobles. She took no delight in the deaths, just regarding it as a fitting punishment, and was never satisfied, craving more.

Tigraine became a powerful sorceress, and a deadly assassin, and the Shadow-Mage recognized her worth. Within twenty years, she had been given a ring of immortality, and placed in charge of Zar-Voez, the Ardanian front.

Tigraine is thoroughly evil and bitter, and probably without redemption. She feels no emotion at all at the taking of a life- in deed she is probably incapable of any emotion. She lives only to avenge the suffering she experienced as a child, and wants nothing more than to see Malidor destroyed. That is her only ambition, and she generally keeps to herself, secluded in her fortress near Lake Falmor. Most of her orders are delivered by Gilor, her servant and bodyguard, who has fallen deeply in love with her. She is unable to reciprocate the feelings, but he is the closest she has to a friend.