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The Holy City of Rhutalath. Garalis was supposedly founded by St. Garali, following the death of Kalnus. The vast Holy Thorn that he planted in memory to Kalnus still flowers twice yearly in the center of the city, reaching an unnatural thirty foot. Also located here are the Pope’s Palace and the High Cathedral (in which St. Garali’s remains are buried). The High Cathedral is the most important building in Rhutalath, and is protected by both Stormcrows and Redguard. There are several hundred houses here, all home to Stormcrows and their families, and the only supplies into the city come from Gorgamas.


Gorgamas is a beautiful city, made almost entirely of marble, and most of the inhabitants are retired Inquisitors, or pious pilgrims, all of whom petitioned to the Pope to be allowed residence. The city is dominated by the People’s Palace, which is the Pope’s summer residence. The palace overlooks Saint Gura’s Plaza, which is where the people gather on holidays to see the Pope and be blessed. Although there is a port, this is used mainly by the few ships which sail to and from the Isle of Garala.


Like Gorgamas, the inhabitants of Karanda need to petition for residence. However, Karanda is a port town, which deals with nearly all trading ships to the Isle. Unlike Gorgamas, Karanda has an entertainment district and a bull-ring, and other provisions for sailors. However, the inhabitants are just as pious as those of Gorgamas, and the boisterous sailors are usually prohibited from leaving the Trade-quarter. A permit is needed for those wanting to enter the rest of the city, and thus the Island.



Type: Prison
Symbol: A black eagle on a red field.
Origin: Gulband, on the Isle of Doom, is a high-security prison, used for holding those mages considered exceptionally powerful (and evil), as well as other evil creatures (such as Demons). Unlike Moraz, the prisoners here are granted no chance to repent, and are immediately executed. They are not left to rot in the Fields of Redemption, but are instead ‘unmade,’ a painful but absolute death. No one who enters the prison of Gulband in chains ever returns.
Military: 100
Ruler: High Inquisitor Esteban Deos

Type: Prison
Symbol: A black eagle on a red field.
Origin: Castille Moraz is the prison where the majority of magic-users are held. They are generally treated fairly, until they are given a chance to repent. If they repent, they will be ‘tamed’ (they will be removed of their magical ability- a procedure sometimes worse than death), then released. If they refuse, they will be crucified. Like Gurband, a magical field prevents spells from being cast in the prison.
Military: 300
Ruler: High Inquisitor Sanchez Diega.


Type: Temple/Barracks
Symbol: A black eagle on a red field.
Origin: The Tower of Light is one of many barracks dedicated to the training of Inquisitors (like Kanak and Khana). However, the Tower of Light is considered the best, and has been responsible for personally training the Sovereigns and Popes for the past century. The Tower of Light is a vast tower, with the temple located on the ground floor.
Military: 100

Inhabitants: 300 Students
Ruler: Father Rufos Del Santas