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The aptly named Straits of Death guard the main waterway to Tol Goroth. Hundreds of small hidden rocks, and tall pinnacles make sailing difficult. This, combined with the bad weather, make journey’s dangerous indeed. Only the most skilled pilot can navigate them, and over a hundred sunken ships are said to lie on the sea-bed.

The Ered Kalnus

This small mountain range lies to the south of the Island. It is here where Kalnus was meant to have been taught, and the mountains are scattered with churches, and abandoned Temples of Vinwe. The main Inquisitor Training Grounds are here, most importantly the Tower of Light. There are also several monasteries and nunneries here, most under the rule of an Inquisitor. A lot of the mines and tunnels have not been explored, but legend says that they were once where Kalnus and his followers hid, during their persecution. They are rumoured to be filled with Religious artifacts, most importantly the Lost Mantle of St. Ginnius. The Inquisitors are slowly exploring them, to retrieve these fabled items. Another, legend claims that the entrance to Hell is located in the deepest mine, though this is generally mocked by the Priesthood.

The Plains of Redemption

This sandy plain is actually the site of mass executuions. It is here that all sorcerors who do not repent are crucified. Other three thousand crosses dot the landscape, all of which still hold the bones of those long dead. At night the moans of those who still live, waiting for death to take them, can be heard for miles. The plains are enshrouded in a strong anti-magical field, and no spells can be cast with its confines. The people of Gorgamas and Karanda believe it to be haunted by the souls of the dead.

Isle of Doom

The Isle of Doom (also known as Garala) is the centre and capital of Tol Goroth. It is on this island that the Pope and his most respected Clergy live. Only certain priests are allowed on the Island, and even then only with permission, and only one small boat sails from Gorgamas. It is also here that the greatest of mages are taken, to be nullified.

Taur Gura

This forest is believed to be the place from which Kalnus and his followers gathered the wood to create the Golden Barge (which took St. Gura and the Holy Host to heaven). It is forbidden to cut down any of the trees in this forest, though it is common for hunters to be found beneath its eaves.