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Tol Goroth is located just off the coast of the Harlan Peninsular. Tol Goroth (Isle of Horror) is actually a name given to it by mages and Elves, which has stuck. Its real name is The Blessed Isle. Tol Goroth is the island fortress of the Inquisitors, and serves as the main base, training barracks and holy centre of the Khanusan religion. It is off-limits to all, save for on the holy days, when vast crowds gather in Gorgamas Plaza to be blessed by the pope. Apart from that, the only people allowed on the Isle are Inquisitors, Stormcrows, and condemned mages. The only exceptions to this are the towns of Karanda and Gorgamas, which are inhabited by citizens loyal to the Inquisitors, and which are policed strongly by the Stormcrows.

Tol Goroth is considered to be holy soil, and it is believed that this was the place where Kalnus was educated, by the priests of Vinwe. It has a fearsome reputation, even to those loyal to Khanus, as it is here where the Inquisitors carry out most of their interrogations. It is also the last place that many mages see, before they are put to death.

Very few ships sail to the Isle. One passenger ship sails daily from the peninsular to Karanda, carrying Inquisitors. This vessel, known as the black-barge, skillfully manages to navigate the Straits. Apart from this, a few trade ships are ocassionally docked at the porttowns, though they are heavily inspected, and a warrant is needed to visit the towns. Very few warrants are issued, only to respectable traders. During festivals, however, the sea-lanes are busy, carrying hundreds of ships, from every port-town, as people flock to the Plaza to be blessed.

Type: Religious State

Symbol: The black eagle-dagger of Khanusan
Capital: Garalis
Population: 8,300
Inhabitants: Mainly Rhutalathian

Major Exports:

Major Imports:
Various supplies from around Rhutalath.

Military: Unofficially led by the Pope

Inquisitors 500
Stromcrows 3,000
Levy 4,000
Ships 5