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The Tombwarden is a guard of the Great Catacombs of Glossam. Built between 511 and 615, the Tombs were originally intended as an escape route from the palace. The exit came out a few miles to the north of the city. In 623 a shrine to Vinwe was added to the Catacombs. Following the creation of the shrine, the tunnels quickly became a place of tombs and burials, mainly for the disposal of dead lords. This inevitably lead to another exit being built in the temple. The security threat quickly became apparent, and the north exit was eventually sealed up by magic.

In 930, with the etablishment of the Khanusan religion, the Shrine was destroyed, and the Temple replaced with a church. The catacombs were restricted for burials of only those lords who had been baptized.

The Tombwardens are a branch of the priesthood, answering to the clergy of the Cathedral of Glossam. Their tasks involve showing people around, and guarding the tombs from grave robbers. It is also there job to bury the dead lords, after their funeral. Becoming a Tombwarden is easy- one only has to be a patron of the Church or a soldier. However, the job is usually undesirable, due to the darkness and loneliness. The pay is good, howver, and this is usually the incentive to join. At present there are 53 Tombwardens. Only 15 work at one time.


Shortsword 3

Halberd 3

S.Leather 3

Religion: Khanus 4

History: Catacombs 4

Region lore: Catacombs 7

Time sense 3

Caving 2

Blind Fighting 2

Digging 2


Perception: touch 4

Perception: hearing 4

Perception: smell 2

Body Development 3

+15 SD Bonus

Must forsake 1 level.