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The Trollguard were established in 1158 by General Tal Masor as an elite branch of the Tyari military. Their job is to guard the Troll Downs, and restrict Troll activity. Typical tasks involve hunting down Trolls, saving Shepherds from Troll attacks and Exploring Troll caves.

The Trollguard is a very elite group and only the best may join. Anyone can apply, but most are refused. Those that are accepted are put through rigorous tests to determine their health, strength and fighting prowess. Again, those who fail are rejected. Only about 5% of all those who apply get accepted, and only half again pass the test. There are currently only 200 members of the Trollguard, as well as their Captain, Eliss Gralmor.

The Trollguard reside in a great fortress, Trolgard, deep in the Trolldowns. Due to their position, its walls are high and thick, and it can hold out in a siege for three months. Also, due to the frequent incursions into Troll Caves, the place is a veritable fountain of treasure. Once a week, a team of five soldiers are sent West to Lar, with a waggon, to get supplies. They are allowed to stay one night. There is a rota which decides who goes.

Because of their dangerous work, the Trollgard are paid 3sp per week. In addition, they are often allowed to keep bounty obtained from Troll Lairs. Trollguard uniforms are green and black variants of the Tyari uniform, though they are often embellished with their own material and trophys, as Captain Gralmor is lenient. The symbol is two crossed axes.


Broadsword 4

Crossbow 3

Weapon of choice 3

Chain Armour 5

Body Development 4

Caving 4

Tracking 3

Stalk/hide 3

Troll Lore 6

Region Lore: Troll Downs 6

Looting 2

Climbing 3

Blind Fighting 3

Surveillance 2

Riding 3

Weapons and Armour are all +10

CO= +5 to bonus

ST= +5 to bonus

In addition, Character is likely to have the 'Rhutalathian Noble Soldier' Training Package.

Must spend two levels.