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Lying between the Casar and Glos rivers, Tyari is one of the richest duchies in S. Rhutalath, due to its proximity, and great friendship, with the Kuzaki Dwarven cities. The majority of Gold coming into Rhutalath comes from Tyari Tereg. It is poorer than Isana only because the king spends less money on it.

Despite its wealth, Tyari is considered to be one of the worst duchies to live in. Its proximity to Trolls and Troglodytes, and its invasion by the Cult of the Moon, all combine to make the area both dangerous and undesirable. However, it is said that the people of Tyari are the hardiest and toughest of the Rhutalathian people. What doesn't kill you can only make you stronger.

For its size, Tyari has quite a small army. This is surprising, considering the constant threat faced by the duchy from internal enemies. However, most of the King's men are away in Isana, and the Duchy would much rather spend its money on increasing the conditions of the cities they live in. As the county is surrounded on all sides by friends, it is unlikely to be attacked, except via the coast. That is why the duchy has a strong navy.

Also known as Teregor, Tyari.

Type: Duchy/ County

Symbol: Three black stars on a yellow field
Capital: Glossam
Population: 260,000
Inhabitants: Mainly Rhutalathian, Some Dwarves

Major Exports:

Copper (Troll Downs) to Orod Eressea

Other Exports: Moonstone (Moonstone hills) to rest of Rhutalath.

Chalk (Troll Downs)

to Isana and Manticorelad

Major Imports:

Iron from Orod Eressea, etc.

Other Imports:

Peat from Isana,

Wine from Toltoluine



lead by general Uther Horan VI


Knights 135
Cavalry 1,100
Warriors 4,500
Archers 1,500
Whiteguard 15
Levy 25,000
Galleons 31

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