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Tyrian, a direct descendant of Halan, ascended the throne when he was just 18, after his father died of a rare illlness. At the time, Tyrian was enroled in the Kadi-Mar Hall, learning philosophy and law. Though he was forced to cut his studies short, he returned a few years later to receive his Honours. He is a just king, and very popular. The king is currently working on removing the death sentence for crimes, and replacing it with banishment. However, he has not managed to receive a majority from the Public Senate. Now King Tyrian is the first king in over a century to have left the Vale. He recently journeyed to Kazad-Ar to dine with the Dwarven king. He also visited several Rhutalathian towns, incognito, to see how the land was.

Guither is a tall man (6'4"), and well-built for a Salasian. He has long blond hair, which he ties back, and a full beard.