Ulgozakanim (Quartermaster)


The Ulgozakanim are the Quartermasters of the Dwarven ships. Unlike Mannish quartermasters, they are second only to the Captain of the ship in rank. There is only ever one Ulgozakanim on a Dwarven Vessel, and he acts very much as a first mate. As well as being responsible for the food, as are all quartermasters, he is also in charge of Trade. As such this makes him very important, he has barters and negotiates every transaction the ship makes. He is responsible for all cargo on the ship, and it is his job to see that the Dwarves get the best price for it. As such, the Ulgozakanim generally decide where and when the ship sails. Only in times of war does the Captain usually take over. The Captain has a right to nay-say the quartermaster’s decisions, naturally, but he rarely does, as he wants his HearthShip to make as much gold as possible. As well as trademaster, then, the Quartermaster is sometimes responsible for the navigation and piloting as well, and occasionally serves as an official helmsman.



Axe 3

Rowing 3

Navigation 3

Boat Pilot 3

Trading 6

Body Development 3

Trade Lore 3

Appraisal 4

Barter 5

Administration 4

Leadership 2

MIA: Soft Leather 2

Climbing 2

Must Forsake 1 level.