Urlian (Navigator)

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The Urlian is the navigator of the Kerin’thia vessels, and usually serves as the Captain’s First. The Urlian, apart from being in charge of navigation is also in charge of trade. In this, they are similar to ulgozakanim of the Dirani. However, they have many other duties. As well as advising the Captain, they are also responsible for the comfort of all visiting dignitories, and for the day-to day running of ther ship. Their authority surpasses all, save for the Captain.

The Urliani are always trained in at least a small amount of magic. They use their powers to predict weather, as well as control it if need me. They rarely alter the weather, however, believing that it would offend the great spirits of the sea. Most Urliani are also very learned, studying all the cultures the Kerin’thia are likely to come into contact with. When on land, the Urliani act as the voice for the Captain. It is because these many varied tasks that the Kerin’thia scorn the term ‘navigator’. Urlian literally translates as ‘Skilled,’ which the Kerin’thia feel is more suitable.

Nearly all captains were once Urliani, and it is from their ranks that the great Wavemistresses are also chosen. All Urlian are female.


Navigation 4

Weapon 3

Diplomacy 4

Public Speaking 2

Leadership 2

Body Development 2

Trading 4

Trade Lore 4

1 Culture Lore 3

1 Sea Region Lore 5

Sailing 3

Administration 2

Rope Mastery 2

Boat Pilot 3

Woodcraft 1

Rappeling 1

Spell Mastery 2

Must forsake 2 levels.

Most Urliani have access to the ‘Weather Ways’ (Druid) Spell list, as well as various Air and Water elemental lists.